Moments ago, Jeremy Renner Tweeted about his long travel day and 24 hours of new experiences tagging it with Rennervations and India. So, is Renner coming to India for an episode of his new documentary series Rennervations on Disney+? According to his latest Instagram travel updates he seems to have visited India this week and traveled from New Delhi to a smaller town or village somewhere in rural India. Where did he go, and what community spaces is he building, such details are not yet available but imagine my excitement.

Rennervations, a wordplay on Renovations, is an upcoming non-scripted series on Disney Plus to be exec-produced by two-time Oscar nominee actor Jeremy Renner featuring his life-long passion of repurposing, renovating houses and heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses to provide innovative affordable spaces for various communities.

The show is most likely to feature Jeremy Renner’s twenty years of journey in the house flipping business, his passion for repurposing or restoring old vehicles as well as houses, his 200 vehicle collection at his power ranch in Nevada, and his ideas about affordable housing for marginalized communities.

Not much details of the show have been available yet but from his Instagram and Twitter updates it seems the show is going to be based in various regions. His recent visits have been to Chicago, San Jose among other places, and went to Dubai next. Since his latest Tweet is tagged with India, we can expect that one of the episodes will be based in India.

Jeremy Renner’s House Flipping Business

Only fans will know this but Jeremy Renner considers his house flipping business and music as his first jobs, and acting secondary. While his big break in Hollywood stardom came with The Hurt Locker after struggling for nearly 20 years doing independent films like Dahmer which got him significant critical acclaim but not money or fame. After his role in S.W.A.T (2003) he invested the salary he got into a house flipping business along with friend cum business partner Kristoffer Winters. This business paid his bill for quite a long time and even on the day he was going to the Oscars ceremony for his first Best Actor nomination for The Hurt Locker he was still living in a house, they were renovating, without electricity connection, running water or cooking gas.

The houses Jeremy Renner renovates are costly legacy houses belonging to the British colonial time or Greek houses and so on.

The Avengers star has been diving into the world of real estate for the past decade, flipping more than 15 homes in L.A. His latest investment includes a mansion he bought at auction for $7 million. After renovations, the two-acre home is now being sold for nearly $25 million.

Stephanie Chan, The Hollywood Reporter, January 24, 2013.

Renner’s Vehicle Collection

More recently he started collecting old fire trucks, utility vehicles, vans, buses and even ambulances and started restoring them and repurposed them into affordable housing, mobile party vans. He also have been volunteering as a fire-fighter and about 30 of these old vehicles have been restored by him as fire-trucks. “He admits he has lots of training still to do. But if a forest fire breaks out near his Nevada home, he says he has around 30 operational trucks to lend his firefighting friends,” reported Henry Cesari for Motor Bisquit.

Renner calls his ranch which houses his impressive collection of powered vehicles as power ranch, a play on ‘horse ranch’. He not only collects them but also fixes them himself with his own hands. In his house renovations work also he does everything hands on including pulling down walls and redoing them as we saw in his Celebrity IOU episode.

Elena Gorgan writes on Auto Evolution, “In his hands, ambulances become mobile veterinary clinics, while old city buses are upgraded to tiny homes and glamping establishments, mobile barbershops, or mobile gyms. “It isn’t a horse ranch,” Renner says of his home. “It’s more of a horsepower ranch.”

Unlike most celebrities, Renner didn’t just buy these to have something to brag about over dinner with his rich friends. Instead, he bought and fixed them up himself, giving most a second lease at life. At the time, he mentioned a firetruck that had been turned into a party-mobile, complete with bounce-house, and slurpee and snow-cone machine.

Elena Gorgan, Auto Revolution, February 9, 2022.

We hope in Rennervations we would get to see Jeremy Renner at work, repurposing, changing renovating, redesigning heavy vehicles to provide innovative community spaces.

Cover photo by Simon Emmett (Men’s Journal)