They say don’t blow your own trumpet. I don’t get it, who else will do it if not me? Why would somebody else blow my trumpet don’t they have their own trumpets to blow? We are all tiny people in a big world with our own trumpets to blow. So make your own music, record it, archive it for future. Nobody else will do it for you.

The idea of being self-effacing, not blowing own trumpet is rather sanctimonious. To assume that you are so damn awesome that others are eager to blow your trumpet is not how it works. Every life is special in its own way, everybody is a mini-celebrity in their own story, go ahead and confidently own that story. Tell that story to everybody. Share what you think is your special talents and achievements.

Humility is a good thing, but it should not come in the way of self-confidence. Be humble to those who are socially below you, but do not shy away from your awesomeness, your achievements in front of your peers just because we are taught to be self-effacing and told not to beat our own drums or blow our trumpets. Remember, you neither need your peer’s approval nor do you need to please your seniors. But you should be kind and humble to your juniors.

On that note a Twitter Space was hosted by Sanjukta Basu in which various participants shared their life’s narrative in a celebration of their life’s journey and gained self-confidence in the process. Young journalist Swati Thapa (@swati_thp) shared that it was the first time she was speaking at a public forum and that women from marginalized caste, communities etc. feel the most reluctant in talking about themselves or feeling proud about their life.

Even though it was a Space to share personal life story with pride in a celebration of our ‘self’ we had a few people from the right wing ideology who came up with misplaced objections. One right wing account @Whistlepodu007 objected to the use of “Dalit” word which he said was not right because there is no caste-based discrimination in India, and that Dalits can no longer be recognized from their clothing that means caste system has India, apparently. He said, “Dalits were never oppressed and that if you look at all the palaces and courts of the kings of ancient times they used to give most importance place to the Dalits,” Listen him at 49.00 to 49.18.

A few other right wing men also seemed to have an issue with me and Swati asserting our female self and saying that we should celebrate ourself.

We also heard from Mukesh (@mukesh2006) who is a Nepali Brahmin but a minority community in his country. He is currently based in Dubai, and shared about his life journey of what he has achieved as an engineer. Another participant form Pakistan shared how is life in Pakistan.

You can listen to the entire podcast here:

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