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Hi, if this is your first time on my blog you may start browsing my 17 years of writing by clicking here. To know more about me and my life, continue reading.

Writer. Photographer. Lawyer. Pursuing PhD. TED Fellow, TEDx Speaker.

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  • Legal counseling for women laws, personal, family, marriage, property law, Constitutional Law, Fundamental Right, Public Interest Litigation.
  • Workshop Resource Person / Consultant on on Social Media Communication.
  • Workshop Resource Person / Consultant for Gender Equality, Women Empowerment.
  • Public Speaking On Body Image, Self Love, Confidence Building.

Write to me at: sanjukta[dot]basu23 [at]gmail [dot]com or use the contact form below.

Sanjukta Basu, 45, is a writer, photographer, lawyer, feminist scholar. She has over 20 years of professional experience in various capacities and fields including as a journalist, editor, documentary photographer, development communications, lawyer, feminist researcher. She studied law from Delhi University, followed by M.A. in Women and Gender Studies, and currently pursuing a PhD focusing on online gender-based violence faced by women holding political opinions. The auto-ethnographic doctoral research deals with gender based trolling of Indian women, radical right wing politics and women’s political participation.

Sanjukta is a Columnist on various print and online media. She writes on women, politics, minority rights, and social issues.

An Author

Corruption, CBI And I (2020) is co-authored by Shantonu Sen Ex-CBI Joint Director and Sanjukta Basu published by Paranjoy Guhathakurta.

The book contains memoirs from Mr. Sen’s 33 years of service as a CBI Officer and Jt Director, contextualized with the modern day politics by me written in light entertaining language making it more a drama than a technical book on CBI and Corruption.

PhD Topic: Gender Trolling

Over the years I have become some sort of an expert on the subject of women and digital media. I am pursuing a PhD on Women’s political voice in the public sphere, digital media, and gender based cyber violence / Trolling. I am involved with various NGOs working on the issues. Here are some of my latest activities in this area:

Consultant – UNESCO and Center For Media Studies

I am currently consulting with UNESCO and CMS on a project on Online Safety for Women Journalists. As part of the project a series of workshops is scheduled to be held. I am also writing a ToT Manual on Online Safety and Gender Trolling.

Chair – Panel on Internet and the citizen’s space, Access and politics at the Digital Citizen Summit 2018 held on 1st and 2nd November at India International Center.

I Chaired a Panel at Digital Citizen Summit, 2018, New Delhi

Speaker at the Netizens For Democracy Summit, Mumbai, 2019.

Workshops With Jagori, Azad Foundation on Social Media Ethics, Safety and Privacy issues.

Read more about it here:

Photography Work

Two of my photography projects are worth mentioning. Gender and Public Space and Women With Tattoo project.

Gender And Public Space

This work stems from my interest in using travel and photography to document how men and women use public space, and how the gender based space segregation or public private divide is at the root of women’s stunted access to health, education, economy and so on. Two main products have come out of this work over the years, Project SWBT and Where Are The Women – 5 Cities Tour.

Please follow the dedicated Instagram account for this work.

Women With Tattoos

This is a photo series I started in 2017 after I got my own first tattoo. The series aim to deconstruct the stereotypes around women with tattoos. It got some media popularity and was covered by The Hindu, Scroll among others. It is an ongoing series, you can view some of the photos here:


Since 2015, as a journalist Sanjukta has published almost 200 pieces of Reportages, Features, Interviews and Opinion Columns across various platforms both print and digital which includes HuffPost India, Firstpost, Daily O, The Wire, National Herald, among others.  In her last editorial role with National Herald, she interviewed some of India’s key political leaders and social activists such as Prashant Bhushan, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Anjali Bharadwaj, Amitabh Behar, Sam Pitroda, Jagdeep Chhokar and more. She also ideated and published features, opinions, analytic pieces, and video chat shows.

One of India’s earliest bloggers and digital activists Sanjukta was awarded the TED Fellowship for blogging and digital activism in 2009. In October 2017, Femina Magazine listed her blog ‘This Is My Truth’ among the top 50 feminist bloggers in India. Women’s Web listed me among 11 top feminist bloggers in India. Sanjukta’s blog is a personal space to shares her life’s intimate stories with the public without fear or shame thereby blurring the line between personal and political making it a tool of feminist politics. In a span of 17 years, she has published over 700 posts on her blog on a wide range of topics. Her blogging and community activities have been mentioned on leading media houses, BBC World Radio, NDTV, Indian Express, The Hindu, Bangalore Mirror among others.

In 2020, she co-authored the book Corruption, CBI and I with Ex-CBI Joint Director, Shantonu Sen, published by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta. She has also contributed one chapter each in two anthologies, ‘Reconciliation’ by Westland Books, ‘Battling For India’ by Speaking Tiger Books based on her experience of traveling with activist Harsh Mander’s social Karwan e Mohabbat. Her photo-journalism series ‘Where Are The Women’ and ‘Women With Tattoos’ have been widely recognized both in India and abroad. Her photo documentary on Babar Ali’s School have been published in media and academic publications in over five countries including Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom. 

Since 2005, as a public speaker she has delivered several TEDx Talks and spoken at other conferences, workshops, colleges and universities. She has also appeared on national and international media such as BBC World Service, Al Jazeera, India Ahead News as a political analyst and subject matter expert. She has also given guest lectures at media colleges and universities, including Delhi University, Jamia Milia Islamia, APJ School of Media and Communications, International Institute of Mass Media, Centre for Science and Environment, Feminist Approach to Technology. 

In 2010 she started a social enterprise, ‘Samyukta Media‘ to enable NGOs, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and other unlikely groups realize the power of social & digital media and benefit from the internet revolution.

In 2018, Sanjukta registered a complaint against the Times Now TV channel for making unfair allegations against her. In 2020, on approaching the Supreme Court by filing an intervention application, NBSA gave a verdict in her favour making her one of the rare citizens who took on a mighty corporate entity and won.  

Sanjukta is also involved in various self-initiated and self-funded travel and photography projects – Single Woman Budget Traveller, Women With Tattoos to name a few.  

Sanjukta is a Twitter influencer with a verified profile, nearly 45k Twitter followers, and average monthly Twitter reach of around 3 million impressions.

Journalist work / Opinion Columns


Daily O

The Wire


India Times

National Herald

HuffPost India

Women’s Web

Global Voices

Many Pursuits, Many Journeys

Delhi Bloggers Community

Bangalore Bloggers Community

I started the Bangalore’s bloggers community and carried out many activities, like Bangalore Bar Camp, Blogathon. The Blogathon initiative was got large media coverage including NDTV.

Mutiny.In Editor.

Social Media Baithak
Along with a communication expert from the United Kingdom, Abhay Adhikary and with my friend Swagat Sen, I organized a Social Media Baithak for non profit organization. It was one of the most unique initiative to help NGOs get online and use social media tools for their campaign. Well known photographer Naina Redhu covered the event.

Samyukta Media
I started my own Social and Digital Media consultancy Samyukta Media for NGOs. It had a great start but back in 2011, I was ahead of time, nonprofits were still not ready to pay for the service. So the start up didn’t sustain. To know more about it’s mission and objectives, please read the public announcement launching Samyukta Media.

Karwan e Mohabbat


Sanjukta Basu was one of the core members of the Karwan E Mohabbat collective led by Harsh Mander. In 2017-2018 she travelled across India to document stories of hate crimes and express solidarity. Her Karwan experiences are published in two recently published anthologies ‘Reconciliation’ and ‘Battling The Idea of India’, and a forthcoming academic anthology on marginalization. More details here.

Latest Blogs

TEDx Talks, TV Debates, Vlogs

Events, People, Moments Over the Years

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  1. Hello

    I am a Sri Lankan and accidently happened to visit your blog and really liked and enjoyed reading and now I have marked sanjukta.wordpree in the net.

    Thank you


  2. never comes a time when you say i’have lost it!
    but their comes a time when you say i’ got it…

    this is how i feel being here this day.

  3. hi.
    most of us think and dream but few have got the power to express n realize their ‘yet to be mined’ inner treasures.. certainly u do it so nicely.. i m not as enlightened as u r…but i do find so many things happening around as sheer waste of time n energy.. im in to exports of jewellery and very strongly believe in arising n striving for both-material n spiritual.. but oscillations is too confusing.. in most cases… i break my own rules.. i luv to communicate with a person who has something unique to add to the mundane life rather than supporting time tested practices to lead a better life..!! i dont know if i made things vivid to you.. take a good care of urself as only few ppl have got the gift of influencing others despite being so simple n straight in expression..9868175881

  4. Medha, My blog reaching as far as Sri thanks u liked it.. Keep visiting.

    Bhupinder, Thanks a lot.

    Milind, Sure I’ll visit your blog, please keep visiting. Thanks

    Joydeep, Couldn’t get you much.. You feel like saying ‘I’ve got it’ what have you got?

    Ravi, My writing has been liked by quite a few of them, but your words would go into the list of personal favourites. Thanks a lot. Please keep visiting. About communication. I prefer to stay away from real world and express myself only thru my writing.

  5. Hats off to you. keep up the good work. There are many like us who like the kind of job you are doing.

  6. Hi Sanjukta,

    This is prashant, we just chatted on gmail and we both are an orkut member, if u remember.

    It really very nice to see your Blogs, felt very good and really proud that you are a self made and self obsessed lady with lots of energy and thinking inside..

    You really have a deep thought for every things that you do.That what i manage to understand from here or from orkut.

    Its pleasure to know abt you. Seriously today i got to understand you after a long time of orkutting & all.

    Neway good luck.. keep rocking .. Enjoy ur life…


    Prashant Jain

  7. loved reading your standing point on the highway of deliverd life.. hmm all roads lead to rome but some of us cross the boundaries ofplaces named, famed, blamed. claimed, disdained, pertained,upstart….there i managed to stop the continuation good luck with all that crosses the mind. hmarli trondheim norway.

  8. Samy, thats a lovely intro and pardon me for the gender blender ;-)

    on the bloggers meet at Brew HaHa => I have asked my friend sreeram (owner) to contact. Space is not a problem out there …

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    hv found a topic to do a bheja fry when we meet @ the upcoming mela. about LF.

  10. You are one bold lady who wouldn’t take shit from anybody. Keep up the good work. By the way i am a journalist.

  11. Hi,
    Just stumbled into your blog thru Vinu’s blog while I was trying to search for my friend Vinu’s online presence…
    was in a devastated state of mind, sitting alone with a mind that was too numb to respond to anything.. reading this intro somehow got my thoughts back into some sense…everything’s not so lost in this world
    Loved reading all your blogs

  12. @ Rashmi…

    That’s a great great honor you gave me, you have no idea how much those words means to me.. Am overwhelmed with gratitude.. :)

    So did you find him? And is your Vinu the same as my Vinu?

  13. Great blogs mam! It seems that you have opened your thoughts and feeling in words.
    Very frank, true and against norms.
    Things that everyone must have observed but few person has guts to tell..

  14. Hi saw your post on my site which is still under construction. It started as a project a while ago and i just haven´t gotten around to really doing much with it but planning to pick it up soon.

    Nice to meet another Sanjukta. :-)

  15. [color=#3993ff]
    Unfortunately, there are lots of people who believe that sports betting, online gambling and bookmaking are all about scamming. [/color]

  16. thats a long, and interesting introduction – thank you! came here after i looked at your long comments on baradwaj rangan’s post on TZP :)

    i am not sure about this, but you better check it out. in sanskrit, the ‘m’ is not entirely silent. the rule, if i remember it correctly, is to replace the appropriate nasal sound, depending on what consonant follows it. in your case, it should literally be pronounced as samyukta (the nasal being ‘m’ – lips closed )

  17. Hi Sanjukta……I know this sounds corny….but I need your number…..I need to talk to you as a professional…..if that’s a problem,please give me a call (from any STD booth etc) at: 0987 311 3122.

    Believe me Sanjukta… is urgent and personal… fibbing.

    I await a response…..Thanks. P.S. -Incidentally, I am a Bong……

  18. @Sujoy

    There can’t be anything that cannot be discussed on email. I mailed you which bounced. If you are serious about this leave a comment with your proper email ID.

    I’ll write back…although I doubt you are serious…

  19. Hi,

    I liked the thoughts shared in here…
    I know you dont know me well u may get an idea from this name – Kreeti Mitra.
    Hey San… Its ultra cool..


  20. A lawyer with a great attitude!Nice to know some people don’t let themselves get affected by mundane everyday standards to conform with. One change that might remain constant, however, could be to author such interesting blogs and be a voice for lot of repressed ones.Just being ourselves is probably the toughest in today’s times.Keep at it!

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    I will add you in my blogroll

  22. Never expected Blog from an Advocate ;) Quite different and nice blog too. Cheers, krishna

  23. How a working professional from Delhi is initiating a blog group for Bangalore.

  24. Happened to get to to your blog in middle of a distressing working saturday.


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    This is aarti..stumbled upon your blog while reading about Indiblogger meet..
    i am also on ryze.. think we’ve exchanged msgs sometime back… :)

    nice blog~~ :)

  26. hey

    urs description was grt….dats all..

    seriously dont knoe how i visited ur blog[:P]

    c ya

  27. i m quit surprised knowing that like u, a famous blogger form Delhi, other from Bangalore also denied there origin same way……one said not belong to father’s/mother’s origin and other proclaims being rootless….
    And now you…..who also denied any regional origin or that kind of identity…..or whatever mean by own identity..(other two also female).

    By the way…like ur blog/perspective..……
    …good writings…and a free will..(that noticeable)

  28. Hi Sanjukta! Just saw that you linked to my site, and I’m so appreciative to have you as an admirer :) I’m adding you to my blogroll also. Your blog is great too, let’s keep in touch!

  29. Sanjukta: Few questions.

    1) Whats your motivation for blogging?

    2) A million bloggers, a million views/thoughts. My thought may not match with any. So, should I start blogging?

    3) Are bloggers spiritual souls? Is that a qualification?

    Just rambling.


  30. Your essay about a blood relationship not being there in a time of crisis , struck a familiar cord in this polyglot corporate gypsy..

    am in bangalore since November..and we go backpacking once in a while.. when the pressures of the corporate wold weigh heavy..look me up on facebook..

    you’ll finad an album on Indian Mountains & Rivers.. may calm your soul

    some pictures of a recent Coorg trip & valley of Flowers/Sikkim,and Himachal are in there..

  31. I was googling to find out ‘What is a good photograph’. Google brought me here. But was stunned by writing of ‘a honest lawyear’. Never heard of the specise ‘Honest Lawyear’.. that too who writes. Added to my fev list. Youd be visiting your site to see whats new. Best wishes

  32. Hello..

    I jus happened to get into ur blog coincidentally.This ones real cool.Iwas jus goin thro some of ur posts and they are brilliant.. :)

    And then wen I read about you,I felt even better..Truly awesome space..

    I ve added you to my floaters..

    Cheers… :)

  33. Hi I am avinash, came across your blog while searching for landmark forum on google, though i have done this forum 5 years back in bangalore.nice blog about your experience about LF……At that time I wished to flee away from all this But the sky is far from my reach…. next month i am joining advance course..

  34. Hi Sanjukta…different name ha…

    Anyways….just one line from bottom of my heart….you are the best!!!!!!!!

    There r very few people on this earth like u…
    i pray to god to fulfill all desires coz u r nice soul
    ALL THE BEST!!!!!

    PS:- I also don’t believe in god, bt i believe in a hidden power within ourselves which drives & guides us .That hidden power is GOD for me.

  35. I was wondering if you created this blog page on your own or did someone help you? I want to put a blog into my website but I do not know where to start. Can you help me?

  36. Sanjukta: Needed to talk to you abt the never forget banner, but was not able to find your email address anywhere. Please send me an email at animesh @ gmail and we will converse.

    P.S. Great post ;)

  37. I don’t know how I got here in the first place and we don’t see eye to eye on most of whatever you’ve written. :D

    The ONLY thing which I love and agree with unanimously is the footnote – ‘if they did’nt die and got married instead…’

    Fantastic sanju..

  38. Hi Sanjukta,
    I happened to find your blog from indibloggers when I searched for blogs using the word atheism. I read some of your posts and found them quite interesting especially the one on Special marriage act. I didn’t know such an act existed.

    I found one of your comments above curious though –

    ” it is not love unless you have lost your sleep, appetite, reason and logic over it; it is not love unless you are desperate to express it ”

    I wonder if that is the same answer a theist would give when he/she is pressed to give his/her reasons for believing in “God”. If we can lose our sense of reason and logic over “love” why can’t we lose it over God?

    I am not trying to be judgemental but trying to think what could be a possible reason. Is it OK for people to lose their sense of reason and logic over anything? If that is true, can we justify the recent terrorist activities in mumbai as an act of true love for God?

  39. @Nitwit Nastik

    I absolutely loved your comment and question. Few of my blog readers actually engage with me on a conversation, glad you did.

    You are right, they could say the same thing for God. But here’s the thing, I also said love is momentary, I said it doesnt’ stay. What stays is respect and understanding. I see at love as a state of mind, it comes goes. Yes it makes you lose reason and logic but that doesn’t help you in the long run, it only helps you to find some one and establish a relationship, but to maintain a life long relationship you need to see reason. The world would be a chaos if we discard reason and logic.

    Secondly, the love I am talking about is for a person, a human being. You can see, feel hear this person. To be in a loving relationship with this person he/she would have to reciprocate your love. If not reciprocate at least acknowledge.

    None of these is true about the concept of God. God is only a thought. It can neither reciprocate nor acknowledge, u cant hear, see, feel God.

    And most importantly, you need a good reason to be in this kind of love that I am talking about. You love some one for his/her qualities. How would you establish this reason with God? Why should anybody love God?

    My trouble with theism is endless. Love is personal, its between two individuals, at the most it involves the family, but God and therefore religion have been made into a public matter. I have no problem if ppl kept their faith and love for God behind closed doors, like you can’t make love in public, you shouldn’t be allowed to perform rituals or shout devotional music or take out religious procession in public. Keep your love for God to yourself don’t preach.

  40. I am glad that you weren’t offended by my question. I was just being curious. Glad that you were a good sport about it.

    About your comments on love being momentary and not helping in the long run without logic and reason, I agree with you totally. However let me just play Devil’s advocate for a minute which might help in understanding how most theists think – which is why we atheists have such a tough time in convincing them that their beliefs are suspect. You mentioned

    “You can see, feel hear this person. To be in a loving relationship with this person he/she would have to reciprocate your love. If not reciprocate at least acknowledge.”

    Many theists, claim that God is personal. You can actually see, feel and hear that person (never mind that it’s a delusion, but they are ready to vouch for it). Just read some of the comments in my blog from theists and you will know how personal that experience is for them. They also claim that God reciprocates their love by intervening in their lives, producing miracles and answering their prayers. So how is “logical love” for a person different from that of a God ?

    ” I see at love as a state of mind ….”
    and then you mentioned
    “God is only a thought. “

    Well both of them sound like the same thing isn’t it? How do we differentiate these two?

    “And most importantly, you need a good reason to be in this kind of love that I am talking about. You love some one for his/her qualities. How would you establish this reason with God? Why should anybody love God?”

    Every Theist I have come across loves God for some quality. Just try asking some of your theist friends. Each of them will tell you why they love God and what qualities they love about this thing called God (some of them may go on for hours on this topic, so make sure you have a good pair of shoes on, so that you can run for your life ;-) ). In fact can we love anything without that object possessing a virtue? How is love for a person or a tangible object more justified than love for an imaginary friend in heaven ?

    “I have no problem if ppl kept their faith and love for God behind closed doors, like you can’t make love in public, you shouldn’t be allowed to perform rituals or shout devotional music or take out religious procession in public.”

    Touche. I cannot agree more with you. If only our politicians had enough courage and political will to enforce that. If only people understood their fundamental rights better. In fact, if only humans could make better use of their logical faculties, we wouldn’t be discussing this today. :-)

    Anyway Sanjukta, it was nice discussing with you. I plan to be a regular visitor of your blog and I hope I haven’t sounded too curious about your personal thoughts, in which case I offer my sincere apologies.

  41. Very interesting thread (and blog)! Love and theism are a bit different, but also a bit the same. And not just for (for example) the saint Meera.

    I’m an atheist, and, quite like Sanjukta, a believer in (temporal) love and accepting of theism in others.

    Nastik’s original question is indeed intriguing. Let me attempt to answer (or at least analyse) the question.

    Love is, ultimately selfish, and not only because of the aspect of lust. Nothing causes more pain (and hurt ego) than the loss of love. No, I’m not criticizing the concept of love. Nothing can give more pleasure than love, but then the flip side of love (failure) is ever present and temptingly easy to reach.

    Since God is an abstract concept, theists are safer than lovers in that the cost of failure is a lot lesser. Personally, I’d prefer to be disillusioned by theism than by love :-)

  42. Hi, read your blog about Barkha Dutt, and then came to your about me…what do I say? Floored… Hope to meet and talk to you someday…BTW, am a freelance journalist…here’s an article of mine…

    check it out…and mail back, if you want to…stay classic…tata. ;-)


  43. hey i really liked your blog and read your blog on Mr. Muthalik…… I am Swati Batra, a student from Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. As a part of curriculum, we have to do a master’s project and i am doing my project on Contribution of blogs in Opinion building.

    So looking forward for your guidance, if possible you can give valuable time to it and fill in the questionnaire.

    Also need your help in completing my project, if possible

    Swati Batra

  44. Hi. Great content and awesome introduction [about urself]. Anyways I’m HS Sandesh from Bangalore and would like to exchange links because even I’m blogging for a purpose and more than anything I’m looking for a destination to reach in Life. Have Fun..CHEERS

  45. 1. Your blog ranks no. 4 on Google when I type Shafiq Syed in the search bar — quite something, one might say.

    2. You write well, but wrong usage of language in some places.

    3. You lose it, just when you’re about to begin discovering it.

    Have a great time,

  46. If u want I can advertise ur cool blog in mine(3$/month), or we can also exchange links to increase our popularity(free of course), as u see, my blog is very, though not as much as yours, popular to many people :) My blog is .. I learnt of u via twitter, and I really loved your blog, would be glad if you often include a link to my site in just a word or comma in ur articles, would mean a life-saver to me :)

  47. Hey am so sorry Sumantra.. I never intended to not reply…must have missed out of my mind.. I would check out your blog and get in touch with you…

  48. Hi Sanjukta,

    Let me introduce myself as a part of the Bloggers’ Mind team.

    On behalf of Nokia I want to invite you for a bloggers meet organised in Delhi and Bangalore.

    This would be specific to your photography section/ photo travel blog Sanjukta’s Photography.

    Would request you to please share your contact details email – id and ph. no. , so that I can send you a formal invite and take it forward.

    One question i had, are you based out of Delhi or Bangalore. Please let me know.



  49. you are right when you says “it is also not love if it stays for life”, because when love stays for one’s whole life, then its calld God.

    Thanks for writing.


  50. hie sanju…

    Really nice Blog.. n intresting 2…

    thanks 4 al of ur Gyan…



  51. Love is when the intellect and emotions come together, create conviction, send you off on an adventure and produce insight and intimacy.

    Love is an intention. A choice. A discipline.

    I am an Aquarian too and i enjoy fairy tales and puranas.

    Its my pleasure to welcome you to


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    Welcome to : Divakar’s Sathyagraha

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    Something tells me, you’ll be the first to comment.


  52. Hey
    This is great. The way you write and express yourself is absolutely worth the time you spend on this blog.
    The “about me” section is great.

  53. hi! i got your blog from twitter. and now i love the way you express. Its amazing. Its really splendid. keep it up…Going through your blog i came across about You. Do you belong to Orissa? You know lots of things about the state. I am born and brought up in Balasore, Orissa. Now in Hyderabad. Keep up the writing. All the best. Hoping for a reply on twitter.

  54. I have been hooked to ur blog for the last 2 days. I love your guts, your thoughts, your candidness! Its been a pleasure.. (Although am sorry about not leaving too many comments behind.. it wud have broken the momentum :) )

  55. Hey Sanjukta,

    I never seen such a decent and superb blog as of you.. Keep writing :) I’m your follower already and my handle is @RajashekarS.


  56. Hi ,I am also a Sri Lankan who got your blog ID from my friend Mohan..I really admire your style of writing and the orientation towards freedom. Its deeply encompassing of all what I believe in.

  57. Just go here from Twitter and impressive you are! I see areas where we disagree and agree. I really look forward to a lively debate with you.

  58. I was thorughly impressed by reading ur blog. I have one too. .
    Hoping u will visit and let me know how it is.

  59. Hi Sanjukta,
    It would be lil unbelievable that we hardly interacted when were put together (in LIS).. but maybe this was only a matter of time..

    After reading the Matter above (they say BLOG?), I shook myself up in more ways than 1 & started out writing once again..

    I used to write to different Magazines- science fictions, projects & all sort of DIY things, not to forget the big Philosophical Phrases..

    I won titles for creative writing & handwriting competitions too..!! Only it took me a very big while to re- start it again..

    I dont know if your Profile could be linked to mine & vice- verse, if so, please join.. & tell me also how to..

    Here, THANKU for this..


  60. Hi,

    We are an upcoming publishing house and are interested to know if you blog about books too? We really like what you write and are interested in taking it forward.

    Please revert at



  61. HELLO

  62. Nice blog.
    Would like to learn from you a lot.

    If you like hindi blogs,please visit mine also.

  63. Hey Sanyukta… (the original derived name of your special name)! It has been a real crazy Sunday morning for me.. I bumped into your blog on Googling about Jasmine Shah, who’s interview you’d posted long before… but got hooked on so much so that I’d forgotten to study for my Midterm exams lined up for Tuesday..Just can’t be happy to agree with your thoughts more and share similar passions like travel and women rights! Happy growing in your world! Way to go lady!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) – from Bangalore

  64. The concept of women and men on her/his own way forms the society of jungle in which only animals can live.Just answer these simple questions.1) What was the initial status of human in the history? 2)Why the human came out from stone age and covered his naked body?How many centuries we traveled towards today’s social life? Why the majority of world believe in one ALLAH (GOD) and became the followers of revealed relegions? Are you going back to that era ???????

  65. Read the blog “Matter” and found it sad. Read the comments on Love and sexuality and found the comments on Love a sad commentary on perhaps experiences gone through or experiences covered. Is a marriage just ‘mutual respect” only.. Don’t believe that but it looks like “Love” = “Lust” in the description given if it’s just temporary… What is it… I guess every one has to define it for themselves. But “Growing” in Love is certainly more valid to me over time the “Falling” in Love over a brief period of time. Perhaps it’s understandable given the male-female dynamics in a male dominated environment due to economic circumstances and manipulative societal practices. Sad that you espouse Atheism, but certainly it is a choice when one doesn’t have any certainty beyond seeing ‘faithlessness” in the form of behavior antithetical to the religion and hypocracy in all aspects of society. The best description of Hinduism I like is that it gives you the Freedom to be Free and that includes being an Atheist. So congrats on your blog, and social media efforts.. Live Long and prosper “loka samasta sukhino bhavantu” – adios

  66. Hi Sanjukta,

    There are so many comments here already, I don’t know whether you would be able to mark a new one. However, just wanted to say that I accidentally landed here (was searching for problems a newbie faces in Bengaluru) on your blog and got hooked to it. Keep blogging ….your posts are worth reading :-)

  67. Good to read your words expressed with a candid style which rarely ladies do, there is nothing stable called love even in married life but one has to carry in the name of society and family killing the real self in most of the cases, loved very much….

  68. Love the work that you do, but disappointed that you chose to use the term “mentally retarded” in an inappropriate setting with a tweet today. Especially coming from a TED Fellow, this is extremely unprofessional and something I would have expected from a regular fanboy, not an educated advocate.

  69. Hello,

    I’m a french teacher of philosophy, currently writing a book on Ecofeminism. I first studied this movement through books, among which the books of Vandana Shiva. Then I thought I should compare the theory to the practice, and so I decided to come in India : I’m currently staying in Shiva’s NGO near Dehradun, « Navdanya ».

    I just discovered your blog : congratulations for what you are doing !!! It’s very interesting, so I would really like to have your opinion about Ecofeminism. Is it well known in India ? What do you personnaly think about it ? Do you feel it is relevant or not, progressive or not, helpful or not, in the context of the contemporary situation in India and of « development » ? I wonder, too, what a postcolonial / non-western definition of « progressive », « women’s emancipation », « women’s empowerment » could be… I would be really glad to learn more about that, and to discuss it with you !

    Here is my e.mail address :
    I will be in India (North) until May 26th.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer !

    Warm regards,


  70. I noticed your interesting exchage between Harthosh. Did you see this?
    In this padayathra Video, from 32.50 onwards I can see Bal’s owner who also takes the title his editor with Rahul Gandhi? Why this hipocracy? If so neutral yourself why work for a malik who rubs shoulders with “corpse” politicians?

  71. Didn’t understand whom you are talking about, who is the Editor of Caravan you mean Vinod Jose? Couldn’t see him. But yeah, Hartosh is slightly hypocritical, as in he is definitely not unbiased. He’s very much biased against RG for no logical reason.

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