Sanjukta Basu on BBC Click On Fake News and Trolling on Social Media

Hi all In the month of Aug 2017, I appeared on BBC World Service Radio Program talking about the issue of fake news and trolling in India. I was in conversation with Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson of BBC World Service program BBC Click, earlier known as Digital Planet. I spoke about the right wing troll army on Twitter who … Continue reading Sanjukta Basu on BBC Click On Fake News and Trolling on Social Media


Delhi Bloggers Meet with BBC World Radio May’2006

This event took place exactly 4 years ago, in May'2006 when I had completed one year of blog. By sheer work of fate BBC World had reached out to me to talk about the use of internet amongst Indian youth. Back then there was no social media, blogging was the only cool thing. I organized … Continue reading Delhi Bloggers Meet with BBC World Radio May’2006

Blogging Outreach Project

I believe its time I write about the Blogging Outreach Project I had designed and now look forward to take further. Outreach means to reach out to a section of people with something which originally wasn't there domain. By that definition this project should not be called 'Outreach' project because, blogging is everybody's domain. The … Continue reading Blogging Outreach Project

Shall we Censor

I know the blogdom is full of people who vouch for freedom of speech and expression and talk passionately against censorship. I got one thing to say to them. *Bull Shit* Get real no body wants freedom... all of us so badly need censorship, you know why... Cause we are so fucking wild..we have no … Continue reading Shall we Censor

The Minutes DBM XIV

Minutes of XIV Delhi Blogger's Meet The meeting was held at the same time and place as announced. It was attended by 12 members with 5-6 of the old and regular ones and rest new faces. Compared to last couple of meetings this time the attendance was low but the discussion was much more constructive … Continue reading The Minutes DBM XIV


Ok I know I am tad late...actually too late..but the nick of time... Announcing DBM XIV and this time we do have an Agenda...huh finally DBM XIV Date : 7th oct'06 Time : 4:30pm (it gets dark by 6pm) Venue : Steps near audi, (BBC meet waali), IHC, Lodhi road. Agenda : planning a … Continue reading DBM XIV

Blog Camp

Ok I may be a tad late in talking about the Blog Camp Unconference...but its never too late.. I cannot even begin to explain how much I would have loved to be a part of it and how much I have got to talk about blogs and blogging. Regular readers of my blog would know … Continue reading Blog Camp

DBMs | do we have a purpose?

This post is in reaction to Paavani's post. First I started writing in her comments section, then I thought of writing on the DBM mailing list. Finally I thought it would be safest to post it here. However I couldn't post it to blogger (for some reason i couldn't publish) so posted on the mailing … Continue reading DBMs | do we have a purpose?

Yet another DBM

Time for another DBM. I am not too sure where is this powerful community of bloggers going with these series of Meets...two and half years and we still figuring out what is the substance of our commune... Nevermind, I in anycase am always looking forward to all of them. So here is welcoming all delhi … Continue reading Yet another DBM

DBM went great | Quick updates

The XIth DBM went great. Here is keeping a track of all the write ups and pics of the event...till the the time the official blog is updated... I can update the blog since I have the password now, unless of course they have changed it... but the original creator of that blog has issues … Continue reading DBM went great | Quick updates

XIth Delhi Blogger’s Meet

Time again for the Delhi Blogger's Meet and this time I made it a real special one. It all started with just some 4-5 lines of mail written by Julian Siddle to me...I took it up from there. Told him when he comes we would have a blogger's meet and here it goes. We would … Continue reading XIth Delhi Blogger’s Meet

A few things of life and another DBM

This is one of the hardest thing to do...and I could never do it properly. To know everything you want is right there infront of you and not being able to reach out and have them. And yet not being able to get over it and move on. You don't stop wishing you could have … Continue reading A few things of life and another DBM

I was a panelist in the ‘Faculty Development on “New Media Concept and Applications”

Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum yunhi blog karte karte... With all the 'celebrity bloggers' of India Uncut and Desipundit out there it was me who was giving a presentation as a Resource Person in a One day Faculty Development on “New Media Concept and Applications” conducted by Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC). I was … Continue reading I was a panelist in the ‘Faculty Development on “New Media Concept and Applications”

DBM’s 2nd Anniversary

We are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Delhi Blogger's Meet on Sunday 29th of January @ Cafe Coffe Day, CP from 4 pm onwards. We would be discussing the following Blogging viz. Creative Writin Blogging viz. Mainstream Media Blogging viz. Adverstising Tool If you are a delhi wala who blogs and you want to contribute … Continue reading DBM’s 2nd Anniversary


Its been long...have got a lot to write from my past, a lot of interesting stories couple of them are lying in the draft stage...would be out soon. Meanwhile this is how the Delhi bloggers Meet about it and please leave a comment. I am happy these days... IXth Delhi Blogger's Meet , … Continue reading IXth DBM

The Delhi Blogger’s December Meet – IX th DBM

The Perfect season for an outdoor activity. The perfect sun for a photo shoot and the perfect timing for a Cricket match. We decided to have a DBM with a difference this time. So here is the plan. Date 18th December, Sunday   Suggestions and improvements are always welcome and appreciated. So we meet up … Continue reading The Delhi Blogger’s December Meet – IX th DBM

Food for this blog

I have run out of ideas to create further posts on my blog. But I am a wannabe writer. I cannot possibly run out of writing ideas in just about 10 month’s time. So lemme see what’s all there that I have written about and what’s all there I can write about. Things I write … Continue reading Food for this blog

My second step Second step in blogdom. A lot is being said and done about blogs these days. Blogs are now being considered as a stress buster, as a weapon of an opinionated and educated son of the democratic India (so what if he is working for an MNC somewhere in Noida or Gurgaon) blogs … Continue reading

The VIII th Delhi Bloggers Meet – This is how it went

I was walking alone on the path to nowhere wanderers kept joining and a caravan was formed... Rohit , Amit and Navnee t were the first ones who started walking. Two of them first timers weren't too sure of the DBM standard time. At that time somewhere near South-west delhi, a lady driven car was … Continue reading The VIII th Delhi Bloggers Meet – This is how it went


Where am I these days? Amidst Exitement and Exasperation. Exited about my new role as a Socio-legal Researcher doing research for an USAID funded project. The social activist has taken over the corporate bitch...for some considerable length of time to come i guess...Am Exasperated about my Car's average, crazy drivers on the road, drivers who … Continue reading VIII th DBM

The VIIth Delhi Blogger’s Meet

People I am back. I wasn’t blogging for some time now. First, I blamed it on lack of time even though I have always refused to buy that statement from others…I say time is never a constraint its only your priorities which governs your clock and calendar. Then, I thought lack of time wasn’t a … Continue reading The VIIth Delhi Blogger’s Meet