Acceptance Validation and Appreciation – 3 Things We Seek on Social Media

Facebook and social media in general is making me miserable. So I am doing an experiment to answer some existential crisis.


TiE Entrepreneurial Summit Live Blog: Day 1

2.30 pm I have finally reached the #TieSummit and we are at the post lunch sessions now. Dream Big is the theme for the present session. Pradeep Gupta (Cyber Media Group) chairing the session. Pradeep is talking about dreaming big. Not just big but dreams should be inspiring. Your entrepreneurial dream should be something that [...]

Live Blog: Creating High Impact and Digital Initiatives in India

Live Blogging of Day 2 is here --- I am at the workshop right now and I am intending to live tweet and live blog the workshop. The quick details of the workshop are on Twitter and the brief of each talk will be on this blog. On Twitter the tag to follow is #digitalindia [...]

Rakhi Ka Swayamvar: Final episode Live blogged: Congratulations Rakhi and Elesh

I am watching the final episode of Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. Blogging it live and also tweeting. At the end of it I would mention why I loved this only reality show so much. As of now just the live reporting via tv of Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. (Read in reverse order from 11 to 1 and [...]

Welcome Mishkah: Perhaps India’s first twitter baby :D

Meet Ahana aka Mishkah, the baby girl who came to this world this morning at 8.20 am who would call twitter rock stars @snigdha and @lighttripper as mom and dad, and @sanjukta as Sexy Maasi :P She is a very special child for many reason, one of them being her birth was perhaps the first [...]

R.I.P Michael Jackson, you were God sent: The Memorial

  They believe in every few ages every time the affairs of the world goes haywire God pays a visit to earth, its the same God who just comes in various different avatars. He came and wrote holy books, The Geeta, The Bible The Quran. But not every time will he write holy books will [...]

Live Blog: My reaction to Filmfare awards ceremony 2009

8th March 7.45 pm Happy woman's day to all my readers. A male friend said this day is to be wished only to woman. I said no, you can wish it to men too, its like independence day. Wanted to write a post on W-Day but was outside most of the time so couldn't. I [...]

Live Blog:The Gandhi Auction, Vijay Mallya saved nation’s father from going to foreign hands

Blogging this as I watch this story closely on CNN IBN: *Satire alert* -- 12 am - This whole Gandhi Auction issue is such a ridiculous waste of national time and resources. We are such losers. Much like the screen Gandhi of Lage Raho Munnabhai, Gandhiji's soul must have woken up with a startle with [...]

Live Blogging: Photography session at BCB6

2.20 I am at BCB6 in IIM Bangalore attending the Photography Session. Am starting the live blog a bit late, low connectivity and low battery too so not sure how far it wud go. We just had a round of introduction. There are 30 of us barcampers interested in this session. Talks about taking portraits [...]

Photography workshop: Live Blogging

2.51pm I am at this photography workshop which is being organinsed by Flickr based group Bangalore Weekend Shoots at BreawHaHa Kormangala. I was the first one to reach and we are some 8 of us right now. Vinayak Das (one of the moderators of BWS) and Dr. Vivek (the founder of BWS) are the two [...]

Live Blog: Filmfare Awards 2008

Info: This post have so far got 219 297 740 unique page views. It appears on the 3rd page if you google for "Filmfare awards 2008" --- 8.20 pm I am watching the Filmfare awards ceremony right now on Sony TV. I specially earmarked this evening for this show. Have got some popcorns that I [...]

Live blogging BCB5 – Day 2

Had some issues with the connection today so couldn't live blog but I live twittered all through the day. Below is a detailed account of Day 2. It had a dull start, not many for bloggers collective. After break fast we walked around a bit trying to figure out what's happening where and saying hi [...]

Live blogging from BCB5 – Day 1

I am at IIM Bangalore attending the 5th Bangalore Barcamp, around 800 people registered but turn out is real low. Look and feel of the BCB is more cool this time...instead of boring name tags they have these cool stickers which you can put all over you, your laptop...they read like, I am seasoned, This [...]