Women With Tattoos – Be A Part Of This Incredible Photography Project

The Woman with Tattoos - A photographic project to demystify her By Sanjukta Basu A search for the ‘self’ behind the tattoo, to demystify the identity of a woman with tattoos. To break the stereotypes against her. In July 2017 I toured five Indian Metro cities to find women with tattoos. I met around 15 women of … Continue reading Women With Tattoos – Be A Part Of This Incredible Photography Project


Yashpal Saxena Lost His Son Ankit to Religious Hate – Wants to Spread Secularism Love and Peace

This piece was first published on Firstpost. All my articles on Firstpost here. After the publication of this photostory, Crowdnewsing team called me requesting to help them get in touch with Saxena family as they wanted to do a fundraiser. A crowdfunding campaign for parent's of Ankit Saxena was run through March-April which raised around three … Continue reading Yashpal Saxena Lost His Son Ankit to Religious Hate – Wants to Spread Secularism Love and Peace

Gender And Public Space in India: A Photographic Research in 5 Indian Metro Cities

In 2011, I started the project Single Woman Budget Travel, a travel and photography research to find out how safe or unsafe it is for a solo woman to travel in India on a budget. As part of this, I traveled to many places (it is still ongoing project) gathering first hand information, and documenting  … Continue reading Gender And Public Space in India: A Photographic Research in 5 Indian Metro Cities

Abdul Gafoor Tufani Is A Muslim Man

Abdul Gafoor Tufani is a Muslim man. He has come to Delhi with a mission. Abdul comes from district Araria, a very backward region in Bihar. It is a largely rural Muslim dominated district with around 93 percent of its population living in villages and 50 percent of its population Muslim, in sharp contrast to … Continue reading Abdul Gafoor Tufani Is A Muslim Man

Goa Chitra – Ethongraphical Musuem

On my travel blog, I write about the the Goa Chitra Ethnographic Museum founded by artist and restorer Victor Hugo Gomes. Situated in South Goa, near Benaulim beach this is a must visit place in Goa. Read more

Project SWBT

The most common touristy places in India are famous for its forts and palaces, and wherever there are forts and palaces there are museums. Most of these museums have a display of how rich and powerful our kings and ruler were and how much arms and ammunition  they had, their guns and swords, crockery and furniture, the precious gifts they got from all over the world, the jewels they collected and so on. This might all be very fascinating but it is sad that history is recorded and learnt through the lives of rich and powerful. Nobody thinks of archiving the lives and times of ordinary people.

That’s what artist and restorer Victor Hugo Gomes set out to do and the result was Goa Chitra Museum, one of Goa’s most interesting places to visit. It is an ethnographic museum that restores and preserves the traditional objects and artifacts that narrates the life…

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Back To The Roots: A Wedding Photo Documentary Part 1

My Huffington Post article on Candid Wedding Photography in India, and the lack of wedding documentary photography has angered all the eminent wedding photographers of India. On a Facebook group of wedding photographer's group they are saying some downright ugly things. For what its worth, when I said wedding documentary photography work is not much … Continue reading Back To The Roots: A Wedding Photo Documentary Part 1

Flickr Photo Walk Delhi – Macro Texture

Article on the Flickr Photowalk coordinated by me in Delhi. I was the only one who actually did the walk and thoroughly enjoyed. The theme was macro texture photography. In this article, I explained what macro texture is and have shared some of the images I have taken. Pls read on my photography website.

Universal Sisterhood – Breaking The ‘Woman is Woman’s Worst Enemy’ Myth

In this series of photographs I celebrate the universal sisterhood, the love and bonding between women. Stories of brotherhood is common, we have films, books and poems on them, brothers in arms et all. But women are never seen to be united in solidarity. They are individuals pitted against each other. Eg. mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law … Continue reading Universal Sisterhood – Breaking The ‘Woman is Woman’s Worst Enemy’ Myth

Ladakh Travelogue Part 1 – Manali to Leh the bus ride

The first part of my Ladakh Travelogue is here. This chronicles my experiences as a single woman traveling on a budget. Please do read and share with your friends. Thanks.

Project SWBT

Let credits be given to whom it is owed. I owe my Ladakh trip to just one thing, the Outlook Traveller book on India’s top Trekking destinations which I received as a free gift along with my annual Outlook subscription.

Ladakh never seemed to be the kind of place one could travel alone. It always seemed like one of those unattainable impenetrable exotic mythical destinations. But when I opened that book, the first thing I read about was how to reach Leh. It seemed to me that it wasn’t such a big deal after all. And there began the itch to do my SWBT trip to Ladakh. Well, because I can, I should and why not.

I spent two days in Manali before catching the morning bus to Leh from Himachal Road Transport Corporation bus stop (locally known as Government bus stop). Manali seemed to be a very safe destination…

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Photography workshop: Live Blogging

2.51pm I am at this photography workshop which is being organinsed by Flickr based group Bangalore Weekend Shoots at BreawHaHa Kormangala. I was the first one to reach and we are some 8 of us right now. Vinayak Das (one of the moderators of BWS) and Dr. Vivek (the founder of BWS) are the two … Continue reading Photography workshop: Live Blogging

Valentine Thought

  Even if I have accomplished everything in life, even if every reason to exist in this world ceases, I would still live, to see, how does it feels to get those roses, chocolates, gifts and wine from a valentine. wonder Just how long would that be.


Sunset Originally uploaded by samyukta_basu Faint is the light Dim is the hope Cold is my love Dead is my dream Yet I would stand For so long as river flows I would stand to see where do all the lovers go

Happy Birthday – 3 Aquarians

Left to Right: Snigs, Kreeti and Me at Pecos, Church Street, Bangalore --------------  They say sunsigns are all bull shit. But I think it has to be too much of a coincidence that it was this bunch of 3 intelligent, smart, whacky, eccentric and super sexy aquarians that has together done some of the greatest … Continue reading Happy Birthday – 3 Aquarians

New Year

Time just flies by...first 15 days of the year already past and am yet to write about the new year trip I made. I took mom for a 3 day conducted tour arranged by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation to Mysore, Ooty and Coonoor. I never thought of very highly for state conducted tours … Continue reading New Year

Making Ravana

I did a quick solo photo shoot at this place very near to my house, Kakrola near Dwarka. The craftsmen there are making around 300-400 Idols of Ravana and others which are to be burned on Dussherrah. Coming up next 'Live Blogging Durga Puja from Dwarka, New Delhi.

It rained today Man…

It was an awesome rain that delhi had today in the evening and its awlays a beautiful sight to see those shining blades of water falling on the concrete road and the car splashing by...the traffic obviously came to a halt all around and I waited almost an hour at the Jungpura stop for a … Continue reading It rained today Man…

Ryze Mixer

Glad I went ahead for the Ryze Mixer. It was fun meeting everybody. Am looking forward to more such meets. The drive back home was an amazing experience. The road all thorough had a terrible fog but was thickest on the new flyover connecting Dwarka and the Dhaula Kuan Crossing. The minuite I took this … Continue reading Ryze Mixer

28th November ’05

I went ahead all by myself to the concert. My first ever Jazz concert, John Primer and The Real Deal Blues Band. It was good. Can't say if it was great or not because I don't listen to a lot of Jazz and don't understand it. Saw Harneet, and Mrs. and Mr. Deepan there. The world … Continue reading 28th November ’05