TEDxITMU talk by Sanjukta Basu

My TEDxITMU talk – Have we survived the rape and violence?


I was recently invited as a speaker at TEDxITMU, the TEDx event at the Institute of Technology and Management University, Gurgaon. I shared the stage with a range of very interesting speakers like, Actor Vipin Sharma (of Taare Zameen Par fame), Delhi FM station Hit 95’s popular RJ Suroshree Dasgupta, Jazz musician duo Adil Manuel & Vasundhara Vidalur, Babar Afzal Founder, KashmirINK, Artist Roop Chand and others. Here is the complete list of speakers. Continue reading “My TEDxITMU talk – Have we survived the rape and violence?”

Mention in Sunday Guardian and TED Fellows Friday

Social Media Baithak coverage by Sunday Guardian

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D was for Diversity at the first TEDxDelhi: A report

About 200 odd Delhi elites attended the first TEDxDelhi on Sunday, 1st Aug 2010 at the India Habitat Center. I did too, in the capacity of being a TED Fellow, thankfully to some of us they gave complimentary passes otherwise the ticket cost ranges from INR 1500 to 2500.

TED conferences are costly, we all know it. That’s exactly why they came up with the TED Fellows program. In my brief conversations with some of the attendees I realized many, in fact most, don’t know about the TED Fellows program. Since this report is about yesterday’s event I will not digress from the topic but will soon write about what exactly is ‘TED Fellows.’ As of now I will just say that I think ‘TEDx License rules’ should perhaps make it mandatory for a license holder to briefly mention about the TED Fellows program at any time during their TEDx conferences. That’s how the word will spread.

So what is TEDx?

Many also don’t know about TEDx. And that was one of the biggest challenges that TEDxDelhi licensee Feroz Gujral faced when she set out for it. Though her attempt to joke about it failed miserably with me and left a bad taste right at the opening of the conference.

TEDx are independently organized TED-like events where a small local group can share TED videos or invite their own speakers to share great ideas. Anybody with an interest to organize such an event can apply to become a TEDx licensee. TED has no direct stake at such events except that the licensee is expected to adhere to certain guidelines on Logo use and funds etc. The content of such an event largely depends on the local organizers independent of TED.

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TED India: Personal coverage – Fellows Dinner

The start

I started at 4 am in the morning from home to airport, reached Infosys campus in Mysore at 4 pm. There was a special TED desk set up at Bangalore Airport. I mean that’s just how big TED is, dedicated desk at an international airport. From Bangalore they had arranged for frequent shuttle service to Mysore. So all of us were in a Volvo bus with a police escort navigating through Bangalore traffic. It was weird to some of us, annoying to some other of us. And then there were some like me who were too busy sleeping all the way.

The Venue

The entrance of Infosys campus looks like a huge Victorian palace. Like really huge. And inside it looks like we are in a mini picture perfect world. The big UFO kind of building, which is like the signature of Infosys campus is called the Multiplex. You can see it from behind trees and buildings and you can tell its a bit of a walk within the campus from your hostel building to the conference area to the food area to the multiplex and so on.

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TED India fellowship and a Breakthrough

TED India

You wait for a whole month to tell the world about something you achieved, then on the D-day you login to your twitter account and see that there are about 50 odd congratulations sent your way for achieving that, even before you could announce it. You achieved something the world was looking out for. That is a great feeling.

In my case that thing was, TED India Fellowship. I am one of the 103 extraordinary individuals who joins the TED fellows program at the TED India 2009 conference to be held in Nov at the Infosys campus, Mysore, India.

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