Review: Mothering A Muslim By Nazia Erum – Muslim Mothers Must Choose between Good Islam vs Bad Islam for their Children

Blurb: Nazia Erum’s book focuses on the grave issue of growing Islamophobia in India post 2014 affecting Muslim children at a very early formative years of their lives, and how young Muslim mothers are struggling to deal with it. Staring with stories of communal bullying in schools, the author proceeds to talk about ‘Conservative Islamization’ [...]


Book Review: The Gun Seller By Hugh Laurie

A wee bit unrealistic (but again which spy novel is realistic), somewhat predictable, yet some twists in the plot, and Hugh Laurie's unique brand of humour, world view and philosophy makes this book really interesting. This is one of those books which you read, because you already know and admire the author. The reason that [...]

Book Review: Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger

Plot revealed: Somewhat revealed Pros: The way you can connect to the protagonist Cons: Can get boring at times because it's just about listening to some one's constant crib. I just finished reading this classic by JD Salinger “Catcher in the Rye”. Reading the book was like reading a 16 year old kid, Holden Caulfield’s [...]