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burqa avenger

Burka Avenger – Anything that reinforces the Burqa/Hijab is NOT cool

[In the wake of social media talking about the Burka Avenger I am republishing an article I wrote long back for the Bell Bajao Blog. The article was originally written in the context of France banning the burqa in public places. But it still holds good in the present context. With regard to the show […]

besharmi morcha

Slut Walk Delhi is now Besharmi Morcha: A desi name has less takers, said to be for illiterates and of low standard

Update: I have written an opinion column for on the Slut Walk Delhi, titled ‘Slut Walk? We need a Tawaif Walk‘ I also recently joined The Global Voices as a writer. And the post on Slut Walk is my first post for GV. — I was quoted on today’s Mid-Day Mumbai Edition talking about […]


The Slut Walk comes to Delhi, what does it mean for Delhiites?

Update: 31st July 2011 The walk had postponed, and was scheduled to happen today. I have so far not recieved any confirmation whether it did happen or not, also didn’t see any photos or any reports online. I will keep updating this space with more info. — Twitter is my central portal for information related […]

Even today, our Sitas and Draupadi’s are waiting for a divine intervention

I am very angry. And in all my anger I can’t help feeling that our mythologies taught us some of the worst treatment towards women. Sita in Ramayana and Draupadi in Mahabhrata both victims of domestic violence – physical, emotional and sexual. In Sita we see the classic case of a women victim of sexual […]

Dowry Free Catalogue

Catalogue for wedding cards. That’s right I came across this awesome series of wedding card designs on India Together.  Are you getting married soon or are arranging a marriage for your siblings or children and want to say no to dowry in an elegant and noticeable way? India Together has a simple and no-cost solution […]

The others

No bisexuals in humans That, is more or less the crux of a post written by Sukumar which again is inspired by another post by Dumaketu. I appreciate the blogger’s guts to write about such topic (although I didn’t understand his post one bit), but OH MY GOD what a faulty presumption. I can’t even […]


In life, never ask for a promise never take one, if they offer to promise. Promises are not to be given and taken they are to be felt within and proven at the right time. Good to have friends today but you better not count too much on them. Coz no one stays. No one. […]

Awake and Arise women

Awake and arise woman. No one can help you until you stand up for yourself. Woman you are so weak. You are so scared. Scared of your feelings. Of your desires. Of your Dreams. You, lying in your bed waiting……waiting for someone to make you feel like a woman…don’t be ashamed of your desires tonight. […]


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