Marital Rape and the Sacred Indian Marriage

A sacred Indian marriage is one where a young girl, who have been always kept segregated from men and taught “good girls don’t talk to boys,” is suddenly pushed inside a room with a stranger who is allowed to rape her because he married her Continue reading Marital Rape and the Sacred Indian Marriage


Pre marital sex with promise of marriage – Delhi high court calls it rape

DNA Reports:

The Delhi high court on Monday held that sex without marriage amounted to rape

The court rejected pre-arrest bail to a man who repeatedly had sex with a woman but refused to marry her even after their engagement.

The woman stayed with her fiancé, Nikhil Prasar, in Mumbai for a few days, “where they had fun, and then went to Delhi and stayed in a hotel where they had sex”.

When it came to fixing a date for marriage, however, Nikhil refused, on the grounds that he had learned that she belonged to a different caste.

He (judge) said it appears that the man did not intend to marry the woman and that was why he did not wait for sex even till his formal engagement with her.

If he were so orthodox and conservative that he broke the marriage owing to caste differences, he should not have hurried in for sexual intercourse before marriage, the justice said.

The court held that if it was not held as rape, it would “result in unscrupulous and mischievous persons taking undue advantage of innocent girls by promising marriage with them”.

Sexual intercourse before marriage amounts to rape or it will result in victimisation or exploitation of innocent girls, justice Jain said.

Sex without marriage is rape? In what mind can a judge make such comment?

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Bangalore Queer Pride March’09: A Report

Did anybody see a rainbow today on Bangalore sky? I did as we drove back from Town Hall, the place where the Bangalore Queer Pride Parade concluded and I thought how very symbolic.
Bangalore Queer Pride Parade 09. Photo Vinayak Das
Bangalore Queer Pride Parade, 09. Photo: Vinayak Das

Queer people in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Bhubaneswar today celebrated their ‘being’ under a rainbow colored flag. Gays, lesbians, kothis, hijras, intersexs, transsexuals and straight people walked the streets in large numbers amidst busy traffic dancing, laughing giggling, posing for the numerous photographers…and mostly, being proud of whoever they were in their ‘weirdest’ state of being.

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Justice Katju’s remark equating bearded muslim with Talibans

So most of you already know the news. This high school kid Salim kept a beard in a convent school, school authorities didn’t appreciate. The kid sued the school. I don’t know if it was his own idea to go as far as Supreme Court for this mere cause of keeping beard or was it his parents or some religious leader in his neighborhood. It surprises me a bit that a school going kid would fight it all the way to have a beard of all the things. I mean beard, french beard, go-tee, clean shave, short hair, long hair, spiked hair, mohawk cut, hairy chest, waxed chest, hair on your eyebrows and upper lips are all parts of grooming and glamorising yourself I thought. Continue reading “Justice Katju’s remark equating bearded muslim with Talibans”

Welcome decision by SC restricting the freedom of speech often absued by Blogger’s

Times of India reported that the case of a 19 year old blogger Ajith may forever change the way bloggers blog in India. To quote TOI,

“Bloggers may no longer express their uninhibited views on everything under the sun, for the Supreme Court said they may face libel and even prosecution for the blog content.

It will no longer be safe to start a blog and invite others to register their raunchy, caustic and even abusive comments on an issue while seeking protection behind the disclaimer – views expressed on the blog are that of the writers.”

In less than 24 hours from now you’d see an army of bloggers lamenting the death of their freedom of speech, some facebook group would be floated, every blogger would be asking one question, “can we do something about it? it would become a trending topic on Twitter and all the soldiers of blogsphere would do their best to save their ‘freedom of speech’ from being trampled under the feet of tyranny.

Uff spare me the drama I say.

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Kunte v. Dutt: Indian Bloggers’ waged a war against their favourite enemy

A war has been waged by the Indian Blogsphere against NDTV Journalist Ms. Barkha Dutt. Recap: Certain Mr. Kunte wrote this blog post against Barkha Dutt. Note, I said against Barkha Dutt as a whole, not just on her reporting style. He called her an ‘idiot.’ Soon he followed it with a public apology and withdrawal. The language of the withdrawal post was very legal so Indian blogshpere went ahead and assumed (may be rightly) that Ms. Dutt might have threatened him with legal consequences. A huge uproar followed, on blogs, twitter, suddenly Kunte was a famous victim of coercion … Continue reading Kunte v. Dutt: Indian Bloggers’ waged a war against their favourite enemy

Indian Judiciary Needs a Facelift – I

For some strange reasons the officers of the Courts, I mean lawyers, judges and other officials are known to be extremely apathetic towards technology. Let’s talk about Indian lawyers for instance. They are a very unique lot. The word ‘Indian Lawyer’ is very dynamic. One hears the word lawyer and instantly makes an image but there are just as many kinds of images for lawyers in India as many class caste language dialects communities and culture we have in this nation. I don’t think you have as many types of Doctors. A doctor is a doctor and a techie is … Continue reading Indian Judiciary Needs a Facelift – I

Mr.Gay India

Mr. Gay contest 2008 results are out. India is not the winner. 33 year old Carlos Fabian Melia from Argentina is. However for the Indian gay community and other gender benders, Indian contestant, 26 year old Mumbai based model Zoltan Parag is no less than a winner. Zoltan may not have won the contest but he sure did made a lot of us proud. I admire Zolan’s guts to come out with his sexuality and to be the first Indian to participate any such contest given that he might well be booked under the criminal law of the country. Many … Continue reading Mr.Gay India

Sena resurrected Adolf Hitler?

Just why is it such a big news that Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par made L.K Advani cry. In fact the news of Aamir holding a special screening for Advani in New Delhi in itself was in headlines a day before. Obviously this fuss is because of Aamir’s continuous support to the Narmada Bachao Andolan and his repetitive refusal to apologise to Sangh Parivar. Imagine how feeble our secularism is. So this guy liked TZP, he obviously would, it’s a classic, what’s the big deal? The deal is, that because Aamir has a certain political stand (and is also a Muslim?) … Continue reading Sena resurrected Adolf Hitler?

On Hindu Atheism, Law and Marriage

Most people who know me would know I am an atheist. I have this colleague, a Tamil Brahmin, religious and traditional to the core. Ever since I moved from Delhi to join this place as his colleague he has been disturbed by multiple cultural and moral shocks. Good thing about him though, is that he only looks at me as this strange creature from outer world but considers me harmless. He is somehow convinced I pose no threat to his culture. He sees me as an alien in his little world. Unlike most custodians of the great Indian tradition, he … Continue reading On Hindu Atheism, Law and Marriage