Sanjukta Basu on BBC Click On Fake News and Trolling on Social Media

Hi all In the month of Aug 2017, I appeared on BBC World Service Radio Program talking about the issue of fake news and trolling in India. I was in conversation with Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson of BBC World Service program BBC Click, earlier known as Digital Planet. I spoke about the right wing troll army on Twitter who [...]


Right Wing Trolls Spreading Lies About Me Using Fake Photos

This is my fourth blog post about how for the last 4 months the right wing trolls have been harassing me. It is an open secret that the right wing trolls are supported by BJP IT Cell, ok allegedly, and over past 4 months I have observed such patterns in the trolling, I can now [...]

BJP Trolls Pull Out 8 yr Old Tweet To Shed Fake Tears For Mayawati

The amount of efforts right wing troll are putting in to 1) Intimidate me 2) Question the credibility of my entire identity and opinion, I wonder is it even worth it? Have I really done something so significant that BJP is so rattled? I woke up today to see they have spread another blatant lie [...]

What have Sanjukta Basu Said About Virat Kohli, Dick and In What Context?

Much sanskari outrage over a tweet I made a year ago, in which I question a vengeance seeking masculine mob blaming Anushka Sharma, for the bad performance of Virat Kohli. As if, he was playing cricket with his dick, instead of sporting skills. The right wing trolls dug out the tweet from past and used [...]

Why Rahul Easwar Is Outraging Over Sanjukta Basu’s Feminist Joke?

Samast virat sanskari people of akhand bharat outraging over a marriage joke I shared in 2009. Eight years. Why? Coming up. In a thread of 22 tweets I explained what kind of low regressive narrow minded people these are, Rahul Eshwar, Shefali Vaidya and their ilks. How they have mastered art of inciting a mob [...]

No Raveena Tandon, You Have Not Been Trolled, And Ramayana is Not History

Raveena Tandon the 90s Bollywood actress is the new Hindutva icon in town. She is following the foot steps of her fellow Bollywood celebrities who have recently been blessed by BJP party tickets, national awards and Lok Sabha seats for toeing in line with the establishment. After a recent incident where she was trying to, [...]