Uniform Civil Code Will Remain a Polarizing Topic Never Be A Reality

UCC would never be a reality in India because none of the religious bigots would accept a truly uniform code that applies to all. They all want the other group to fall in line and accept whatever they think is uniform but ask them to look at their own personal laws, they won’t accept. For eg. Parsi community, Christian, Hindu they all have certain reservations which they don’t want to change, but want Muslims to fall in line. UCC should have been a compulsory provision instead of directive principle, at the time of making the Constitution and the tyranny of … Continue reading Uniform Civil Code Will Remain a Polarizing Topic Never Be A Reality

Prof Sabharwal’s attackers set free, women made to go through virginity test and more news

Pause for a while, take a moment, spend it in mourning for all that is dead, dying and will die. Death of the faith in justice system, of women’s rights, of the many helpless innocents killed at work or leisure…So many death and so many killers walking free.

All 6 accused in the Prof Sabharwal murder case were set free by a Nagpur Court today. The accused who were ABVP (students wing of BJP) activists had allegedly attacked and beaten Prof Sabharwal outside the Madhav College in Ujjain 3 years ago. [Source] The entire nation had watched the disturbing brutality, a wounded unconscious Prof, the “guru brahma guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara” being carried inside an ambulance. Broad day light 100s of on lookers. Yet they couldn’t find one witness to make a strong prosecution.

Today the Court noted the prosecution has failed to prove the charges and aquitted all the accused. So did no body kill him? Did Prof Sabharwal die a natural death? How will it feel if tomorrow the Court says “the prosecution has failed to prove the charges” and sets free Ajmal Kasab.

BJP is now seeing this as a moral victory. They were seen shouting slogans outside the Court today. On CNN IBN a BJP spokesperson said, “We always had faith in judiciary and that faith has been restored. Truth has won.”

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The Crusader and the Cynic

Based upon a real conversation between a Crusader and a Cynic. What makes this conversation interesting is how in the beginning every line manifestation of the two strong willed characters both sounding confident and convincing in their respective point of views and by the end you see a reversal of roles which contradicts the earlier manifestation. One wonders what these people really are and what are they trying to achieve in life. Cynic: You read Aamir’s new post, on his decision to run with the Olympic torch? I heard Kiran Bedi also saying the exact things Aamir wrote in his … Continue reading The Crusader and the Cynic

Hampi Hampered by Ms. President

A friend called me up and said, “I want you to write about something. You said you write for mutiny, please write about this issue.” Wow! I thought. People call me up to write about important issues. So I asked him what was the issue. He said, President of India visited Hampi last week. For security reasons, the entire city was shut down for the whole week, it was evacuated of all tourists and monkeys. All shops were closed and no hotels lodges were allowed to keep visitors. His concern was that Hampi is a small place, the only source … Continue reading Hampi Hampered by Ms. President


Remo speaks on national television (Times Now), about politicians of not just Goa but every politicians in India, “Politicians are not administrators, they are thieves, they join politics to make money, they have no respect for law and order, they do not even abide by what the Supreme Court orders. Law and police are in their pockets, there is no solution to their greed but to just shoot them down like mad dogs. But I can’t do that, I am not a criminal, I would probably just be out of this place someday.” [Some interruptions from the anchor here and … Continue reading Opinionated