Live Blogging: Photography session at BCB6

Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India


I am at BCB6 in IIM Bangalore attending the Photography Session. Am starting the live blog a bit late, low connectivity and low battery too so not sure how far it wud go.

We just had a round of introduction. There are 30 of us barcampers interested in this session.

Talks about taking portraits on the street and otherwise street photography. The ethical issues, what to you tell people when you take their photos. If the subject is not happy that you are taking their pic, what do you say.

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Live blogging BCB5 – Day 2

Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India

Had some issues with the connection today so couldn’t live blog but I live twittered all through the day. Below is a detailed account of Day 2.

It had a dull start, not many for bloggers collective. After break fast we walked around a bit trying to figure out what’s happening where and saying hi hello to a few campers. Arun was taking pictures of all at the break fast table, Prashanth of Blogalorean made it today, he was busy playing cricket yesterday, Amit (labnol) Agarwal wouldn’t be taking any session today, said I’m here to just meet people today. Jace is going around taking a lot of pics, they are not using the mega phone today, you gotta shout to collective participants for your collective.

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Live blogging from BCB5 – Day 1

Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India

I am at IIM Bangalore attending the 5th Bangalore Barcamp, around 800 people registered but turn out is real low. Look and feel of the BCB is more cool this time…instead of boring name tags they have these cool stickers which you can put all over you, your laptop…they read like, I am seasoned, This is my 2nd Barcamp, Ask me for help, Ask me for network help, I am speaking, I am live blogging etc. I am also tweeting the event.

11.15 am Raj is speaking on My SQL at L-12 Raj works for yahoo. Right now he is answering people’s question which means they were listening. I wasn’t because I am blogging duh.

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New Media + Mass Social Campaign

Every time I do they say, “there she goes, there she goes again, trying her best, to hog as much attention as she could get.” So this time I thought I’d keep a low profile. But then Arun nudged me, “Why don’t I see you around on BCB list? Why are you so silent, either you are too busy or too upset with something.” First I gave him some bull shit reason, then the honest reason, finally I was motivated enough by him to do this.   Proposing the New Media and Mass Social Campaign Collective for BCB5 What is Barcamp? BCB (Barcamp Bangalore) is … Continue reading New Media + Mass Social Campaign

How did it happen

Barcamp4 concludes and Blog’a’lorean’s have just begun. While moving base from Delhi this is one thing I thought I’d have to miss. Fame in the Blogsphere. Delhi Bloggers knew me, but here I was a stranger. Having come to Bangalore I thought of making efforts to connect to a few Bangalore based bloggers to create a DBM sort of community here. The first person i got in touch with was Gopal and second Akash. I didn’t know that’s all it would take for me to suddenly become a name in the Bangalore Blogger circle. I owe this to the two of … Continue reading How did it happen

BCB4 4th week of July 07

I guess I am one of the first ones to blog about the next Bar Camp in Bangalore (BCB4). It was very kind of Akash, a freind and one of the organizers of BCB4 to invite me over for their weekly meeting. The objective was for me to share my willingness to call for a blogger’s meet in Bangalore. It would be nice to have a Bangalore Blogger’s Meet (BBM07) isn’t it. I am not claiming that the idea is totally new, I am aware of a certain Yahoo 360 blogger’s meet here in Bangalore  and am also aware of a Google group called BlogBang.  I am … Continue reading BCB4 4th week of July 07