Blogalorean’s Meet 12th April 08

The Blogaloreans are meeting again. This Saturday, 12th April 08. On agenda this time is something beyond blogging, an attempt to know our favourite city, Bangalore, how? See below. Venue: Bangalore Traffic Police Park on St. Marks Road. So why this venue? Simple reason – Not everybody knew about the park, as a Bangalorean we all should, and now we do. The park is described thus on the Bangalore Traffic Police’s website “This traffic park has a facility to train citizens and students in road safety and traffic rules.” So you know, may be it would be a good idea … Continue reading Blogalorean’s Meet 12th April 08

Blogathon India: April 2008

Badge Credit: NT Balanarayan —– Bangalore Blogathon India to be held in Bangalore some of the major cities in India tentatively, in the 3rd week of March April 2008 is going to be a week long, both online only and offline event on varied topics of socio political importance to Bangalore and India. The online activities would be held on the blog Blogathon.IN. Independent Bloggers Meet might happen on 12th of April on the opening and closing day in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata. Blogathon objectives: Call us ambitious but what we are trying to … Continue reading Blogathon India: April 2008


I was on Bangalore Times, yet again. This time quoted as the Bangalore Blogathon coordinator. Yet another moment in my 15 minutes of fame.   Coming soon to town is the Bangalore Blogathon. You hearing that term for the first time aren’t you. Yeah, cause even Wikipedia doesn’t have any page on Blogathon. But no, we Blogalorean’s aren’t the first people who have thought of it. “In the summer of 2000, blogger Cat Connor decided that a free weekend could be combined with a marathon session of insomnia to have some fun with her personal website. In fact, Cat decided … Continue reading Blogathon