Pujo | Saptami

Dad liked mom's recitation. He is her biggest critique. After Mom finished he said she would either be first or Second. Mom didn't win anything. It wasn't a surprise to us though. If one of the participants is the judge's X's daughter's music teacher, another is the wife of one gentleman who sponsored Saptami Bhog, … Continue reading Pujo | Saptami


Pujo | Shoshthi

On Shoshthi, the common trend all over Delhi is to hold a home cooked food festival cum cookery competition. The event is called 'Anandomela' which when transliterated means Fun Fare. Essentially a married women's domain this event, I in my 30 years have never seen a young unmarried girl or a man (of any age) … Continue reading Pujo | Shoshthi

Bangali r Pujo

Introduction Pujo, Durga Pujo, rishtey mein the baap of all festivals the biggest affair for any bong ever born on this earth. Bongs do everything with a lot of hum drum. They are a unique specie. You can either love a bong or hate a bong. If you are standing a public Q, lets say … Continue reading Bangali r Pujo