[Poem] …

Something suddenly woke me up last night The wind had come to sweep life away I asked, “what is it that you intend to take” It said, “all that you have as yours” Then, there was a new morning, and a changed life. Everything that was mine was gone. Except you, your memories. You, who … Continue reading [Poem] …


[Poem] A Mirror After The Tree

This is the 5th in the series of 'Search' (Part I - She Was Walking Searching, Part II - The Road has Come To And End, Part III Still Searching, Part IV She Became A Tree) Part V - A Mirror After the Tree A long drawn futile search ended when she became a tree. Who … Continue reading [Poem] A Mirror After The Tree

Poem: Unwritten

Unwritten “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts” Our happiest stories are those that remained unwritten. You and I are that wonderful story, like a movie script that never got filmed. like that rumour going around, a clandestine affair, a star couple that the fans rooted for, but which never happened. We … Continue reading Poem: Unwritten

Social Media Existential Crisis – Day 1 of Experiment

I will be writing this blog through the day, with each update I would send a Tweet and FB update.

I met Lucky but I didn’t get lucky – Delhi’s Thak Thak Gang’s smooth criminals

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye that Abhay Deol starer film was one of my all-time favourite films. Not anymore for I met a Lucky in my real life. It happened in broad day light at the Hauz Khas - IIT gate traffic signal, opposite to Essex Farm, amidst a heavy Monday evening traffic and right under the nose … Continue reading I met Lucky but I didn’t get lucky – Delhi’s Thak Thak Gang’s smooth criminals

Excerpts from the book

[Part of the Manoshi's story thread] Moving on is easy, there is so much work to do. You remain so preoccupied you don't even have the time to think about anybody or anything. Manoshi certainly had moved on. It was almost a year since he last called. Before leaving Manoshi insisted he returns her book of Oscar … Continue reading Excerpts from the book

[Poem] Still searching

A lifetime went by. Passion were in plenty. Heart skipped easy beats, love came handy. Sex came in packages, safety and pleasure guaranteed. A lifetime went by but that kiss on the forehead, that embrace, she never found again. And she still loves the man like a man loves a woman.

Sanjukta Basu, founder Samyukta Media at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women certificate program at BIMTECH Greater Noida campus

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneur – Cohort 17 the BIMTECH, Greater Noida batch

A very rigorous week of study just concluded at the BIMTECH campus, Greater Noida where 35 of us women entrepreneur were attending the 1st module of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 women scholarship. 10,000 Women is a 5 year initiative by Goldman Sachs, the leading global bank, to provide "business and management education to underserved female entrepreneurs in developing and emerging … Continue reading Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneur – Cohort 17 the BIMTECH, Greater Noida batch

From the Book

[Excerpts from a book I am writing] [Part of the Manoshi's story thread] "Always bid strong goodbyes. Don't stand and stare. Just say goodbye, give a hug and leave." Prithvi would always say to Manoshi. But this morning's goodbye was rather long. They had spent the whole of yesterday's evening, night and this morning with … Continue reading From the Book

Let a woman sing

Why don’t we have many such songs or poems? Why is there no female version of a love song like “Chaundvi ka Chaand” or “Chandan sa badan?” In Abhigyaana Shankuntalam Kalidasa wrote verses after verses in praise of Shakuntala’s physical beauty, which included vivid description of her bossom, waist, bust and other body parts of … Continue reading Let a woman sing

Manoshi’s story

Manoshi's story - the novel in the making. In bits and pieces on my blog for now, and to be in print soon, soon enough.

[Poem] The poet failed me

I didn’t love him. I certainly didn’t, for if I did, there would be a poem for him. But I didn’t write a poem for him. I saw his pouted lips and wondered How would it feel to kiss them? But I didn’t have a song for his lips. On our nights I watched him … Continue reading [Poem] The poet failed me

And She Became a Tree

And she became a tree Withered but wise, encompassing storm and rains,  giving Shelter and shadow, Doesn’t move, nor cry speaks but can’t be heard her tears can’t be seen, pain can’t be felt, but she still has dreams within.  

He is back

He is back, The rebel and the artist. He who loves to hate the most. "This fake world" He who is full of angst. "You phony people" He who is so beautiful. She, saw him coming. He, did not see her coming. And, he hates surprises.

Strange story of Lali (touching story of a stray dog)

Lali was born to a homeless mother on a fateful monsoon night in a small residential colony in Panchasayar, Garia, Kolkata. That night when she realized it was time, she, Lali's mother silently crawled under the gate of that big mansion, she pulled herself through the green lawn in search of a secure place and … Continue reading Strange story of Lali (touching story of a stray dog)

Technology and Breakups

I wrote this on 23rd July 2007 originally. Am republishing it today with some additional updates and copy editing. Enjoy Technology, Breakup and post break up syndrome in the web2.0 style. --- [Note: Men Heterosexual men reading this post may replace the masculine words with feminine to be able to identify with the content. Non-heterosexual … Continue reading Technology and Breakups

[Flash Fiction] That old ugly face

He said, “I am ready for love now, even an old fat ugly face will do, I just want to love.” She was not listening. Rather matter of factly she extended her muddy hand and said, “Give me a hand please, the stairs are too steep my height is short, body is fat and knees … Continue reading [Flash Fiction] That old ugly face

Yesterday’s dream and Tomorrow’s reality

This is actually from the archives, published on this blog as two different posts sometime in Aug'05. I am making them into one piece of, something I call a fusion between prose and poetry, a propestry. Yesterday she dreamt she had finally found him. He lived in Mars and she in Venus…he had always seen … Continue reading Yesterday’s dream and Tomorrow’s reality

[Poem] So we broke up

You did everything, you said. "Got you the moon and the stars; Diamonds and the pearls." Yeah and you even wrote me songs. I even wrote you songs! You did everything, you said. “Took you to Paris and Rome, holy Ganges and the great wall.” Yeah and you even made me laugh. I even made … Continue reading [Poem] So we broke up

User Instructions and Cautionary statements

Are we being remote controlled by the user instructions we read on the pack of various consumer products we buy?

Jim Corbett National Park

Human beings: the funny creatures that we are

Human beings going on a jungle safari in a National park is a ridiculous activity. I have been to quite a few of them myself and trust me I am not particularly proud. We go to Jim Corbett National Park in hopes to see Tigers, Gir forest to see Lions, Kaziranga to see Rhinos and … Continue reading Human beings: the funny creatures that we are

[Poem] The road has come to an end

The road has come to an end. This is the end of the beginning, and this is the beginning of a new end. In this road nothing excites me anymore, nothing makes me happy, nothing makes me sad. I feel numb. Comfortably numb. Oh dammit did you see, in this road I lost my creativity. … Continue reading [Poem] The road has come to an end

Chugging along

The train is now chugging through the hills, going in and out of tunnels every now and then. Manoshi is tapping her foot to the rhythm of a certain song playing on her MP3 player and she is reading a book. There's no one else in the compartment. As the train entered a tunnel again, … Continue reading Chugging along

[Poem] Few Nights’ Stand

A misty winter morning I rub the sleep off my eyes, pull the satin sheets on my naked skin, And roll over to find the warmth of my life. Here we are Two near strangers In each other’s embrace. The warmth of his breath around my fragile heart The strength of his arms Guarding my … Continue reading [Poem] Few Nights’ Stand

On Random matters of the heart

[Moving on to what I usually write on this blog. I will keep updating the post on Hajra with new information.] A lot of my male friends often tell me, after having broken a girl's heart, "I always told her there can be no future with me still she had built hope, what to do." … Continue reading On Random matters of the heart

The Crusader and the Cynic

Based upon a real conversation between a Crusader and a Cynic. What makes this conversation interesting is how in the beginning every line manifestation of the two strong willed characters both sounding confident and convincing in their respective point of views and by the end you see a reversal of roles which contradicts the earlier … Continue reading The Crusader and the Cynic

Love song

Oh dear, oh that smile again.   Now don't worry, hang on there, hold it tighter.   But I can't, can't control. It just won't stay, my stupid heart, slipping away.    Don't, you fool, head for a heartbreak, Don't you remember how it aches.    Yes but that red rose, and that blue ribbon, … Continue reading Love song

Really short story

They spent their whole lives together, living every moment hating each other, kissed by suspicion, obsessed with jealousy, possessed by ego, they never let go of each other for a day, never stayed out of sight lest they missed an opportunity to crib about each other, poison ivy they both were, each other's soul mates.

Claiming my blog

After writing this blog for 3 years, having dedicated myself to it like a mother to her child, I have been told that my blog is an orphan. Out there under the technorati skies, amidst the busy blog traffic, moves about my blog my baby barefoot with no one to feed her or provide her … Continue reading Claiming my blog

It happened on one summer afternoon

It was some kind of event, but I don't exactly remember what. I was with a group of people and we had all gone for an adventurous hiking through some exotic locales. There were wild animals, pretty flowers, nice people. I knew I was going to meet him on this journey. I just knew it. … Continue reading It happened on one summer afternoon

She was walking, searching

I wrote this poem some time in 2005. Reposting this again with some polishing. She was walking, searching, A little girl with a dream, a song, a smile and a bright red balloon. She was searching for a post, Where she could tie, the strings of her precious balloon. She had colors all around, Had … Continue reading She was walking, searching

Savage Love

My love visited me last night Glad I am he did. “I missed you my love,” said I. Everything I ever had, I'd let them go. Of all the things let gone, it’s only my love that kept coming back. Last night he came again, took me in his arms, led me to the place … Continue reading Savage Love

Holi: Then & Now

I, Snig and the gang are planning to celebrate the coming holi with lots of fun and frolic. One of the main item on the celebration agenda is to prepare the traditional Gujia for all. Gujia reminded me of writing this post. Holi, is the festival of colors, some blue (sad) some green (envy) and … Continue reading Holi: Then & Now

Dowry Free Catalogue

Catalogue for wedding cards. That's right I came across this awesome series of wedding card designs on India Together.  Are you getting married soon or are arranging a marriage for your siblings or children and want to say no to dowry in an elegant and noticeable way? India Together has a simple and no-cost solution … Continue reading Dowry Free Catalogue

Valentine Thought

  Even if I have accomplished everything in life, even if every reason to exist in this world ceases, I would still live, to see, how does it feels to get those roses, chocolates, gifts and wine from a valentine. wonder Just how long would that be.


Sunset Originally uploaded by samyukta_basu Faint is the light Dim is the hope Cold is my love Dead is my dream Yet I would stand For so long as river flows I would stand to see where do all the lovers go

Happy Birthday Lappu

When Mr. Das found his wife at BCB5 he decided to adopt his wife's best friend too...me. Well, I say "he adopted" and he says "aap to dahej mein aa gaye ho" whatever, doesn't matter, I found a second home that's what is important. We used to call Mr. Das's wife as Lappu in school … Continue reading Happy Birthday Lappu

The empty bed

It was a cold December night. She was lying on the bed with her arms stretched casually across the emptiness of her bed. Suddenly she felt a warm touch upon her palm. Someone held her hand, someone warm and tender, some one she never expected would hold her hands. His fingers then criss crossed with … Continue reading The empty bed

Billi Bachao Andolan

Breaking News. Parents in the Indian metropolis seen marching on the street with placards reading, 'billi bachao'1 The main reason of protest is the emerging trends amongst their wards to feed billis with milk, whenever wherever they feel like. They often don't let parents scrutinise the quality or source of the milk. Milk from unreliable … Continue reading Billi Bachao Andolan

In love with Manoshi – An Excerpt

Manoshi. An enigma, an illusion, a deception, an orgasm, a thought, a dream, a void. This is Manoshi’s story. Don’t know where to start though. You see, I have a curse. I know everything about everybody. It’s a curse to know all, I am telling you, it’s a curse. Above all it’s a curse to … Continue reading In love with Manoshi – An Excerpt

This weekend

The much awaited 4 day weekend is to end in couple of hours. Here's another of my "This weekend" post. This weekend I realised how comfortable I have become in being alone on my own. I don't feel bored any more, I don't mind not talking to anybody for the whole day. I don't mind … Continue reading This weekend

Part III – It’s ‘Her’story not history

Part III - Marriage  She was taking typing classes, And looking for a job, when, a well wisher got a matrimonial alliance. “This guy at his 30, Central Government Clerk At Income tax department Good salary. Good catch I tell you”. Said he. “Yeah, this poor almost orphan child would get a shelter, What more … Continue reading Part III – It’s ‘Her’story not history

It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

Part II : Childhood. Father failed. Married again. She was now the mother of her step mother. And her new born. Both were always ailing. So those were days of troubled childhood, Physical abuse by a cruel father, Brother grew up to join the naxals, Jailed for 2 years in kuddalore, came out a weak … Continue reading It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

Mom is cursed with this Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times". She has been living a life which only gets interesting by the day. From her childhood to this day Mom has been on a roller coaster ride. Pain, trauma, agony, ecstasy, freedom, laughter, frustration, win, loss, love, romance she has seen them … Continue reading It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

Mom and Dad are separating

This blog is getting a lot of traffic off late and I feel stressed trying to live up to reader’s expectations and maintain the overall quality. One of the causes of worry is that I don’t know what exactly people like about my blog. JD Salinger’s protagonist from ‘Catcher in the Rye’ once said, he … Continue reading Mom and Dad are separating

I hate Harry

You give a cold shoulder, cease to care. you do not answer   or return calls, sms, mails. You act rude, stay unmoved, You break heart, cause tears. All because   You were busy Reading Harry Potter? -------------------------------- If you just said this is not poetry...go ahead say it.

29 female divorcee and 30 Single Forever – Our songs

29, Female, Divorcee having affair with 25 Male:- do you know what song's playing in my mind, "Bade Acche lagte hai, yeh dharti, yeh ambar, yeh raina, aur tum..." [They all feel so good, the earth, the sky, the night and you] 30, Female, Forever Single friend:- Huh, stupid mushy song. Song I am listening, … Continue reading 29 female divorcee and 30 Single Forever – Our songs