Tinder – Let’s Raise A Toast to Shallow

A list of mean, shallow reasons to judge men and swipe them left (reject) on Tinder


I met Lucky but I didn’t get lucky – Delhi’s Thak Thak Gang’s smooth criminals

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye that Abhay Deol starer film was one of my all-time favourite films. Not anymore for I met a Lucky in my real life. It happened in broad day light at the Hauz Khas - IIT gate traffic signal, opposite to Essex Farm, amidst a heavy Monday evening traffic and right under the nose … Continue reading I met Lucky but I didn’t get lucky – Delhi’s Thak Thak Gang’s smooth criminals

Technology and Breakups

I wrote this on 23rd July 2007 originally. Am republishing it today with some additional updates and copy editing. Enjoy Technology, Breakup and post break up syndrome in the web2.0 style. --- [Note: Men Heterosexual men reading this post may replace the masculine words with feminine to be able to identify with the content. Non-heterosexual … Continue reading Technology and Breakups

User Instructions and Cautionary statements

Are we being remote controlled by the user instructions we read on the pack of various consumer products we buy?

Jim Corbett National Park

Human beings: the funny creatures that we are

Human beings going on a jungle safari in a National park is a ridiculous activity. I have been to quite a few of them myself and trust me I am not particularly proud. We go to Jim Corbett National Park in hopes to see Tigers, Gir forest to see Lions, Kaziranga to see Rhinos and … Continue reading Human beings: the funny creatures that we are

Claiming my blog

After writing this blog for 3 years, having dedicated myself to it like a mother to her child, I have been told that my blog is an orphan. Out there under the technorati skies, amidst the busy blog traffic, moves about my blog my baby barefoot with no one to feed her or provide her … Continue reading Claiming my blog

Holi: Then & Now

I, Snig and the gang are planning to celebrate the coming holi with lots of fun and frolic. One of the main item on the celebration agenda is to prepare the traditional Gujia for all. Gujia reminded me of writing this post. Holi, is the festival of colors, some blue (sad) some green (envy) and … Continue reading Holi: Then & Now

Happy Birthday Lappu

When Mr. Das found his wife at BCB5 he decided to adopt his wife's best friend too...me. Well, I say "he adopted" and he says "aap to dahej mein aa gaye ho" whatever, doesn't matter, I found a second home that's what is important. We used to call Mr. Das's wife as Lappu in school … Continue reading Happy Birthday Lappu

Billi Bachao Andolan

Breaking News. Parents in the Indian metropolis seen marching on the street with placards reading, 'billi bachao'1 The main reason of protest is the emerging trends amongst their wards to feed billis with milk, whenever wherever they feel like. They often don't let parents scrutinise the quality or source of the milk. Milk from unreliable … Continue reading Billi Bachao Andolan

This weekend

The much awaited 4 day weekend is to end in couple of hours. Here's another of my "This weekend" post. This weekend I realised how comfortable I have become in being alone on my own. I don't feel bored any more, I don't mind not talking to anybody for the whole day. I don't mind … Continue reading This weekend

Mom and Dad are separating

This blog is getting a lot of traffic off late and I feel stressed trying to live up to reader’s expectations and maintain the overall quality. One of the causes of worry is that I don’t know what exactly people like about my blog. JD Salinger’s protagonist from ‘Catcher in the Rye’ once said, he … Continue reading Mom and Dad are separating

29 female divorcee and 30 Single Forever – Our songs

29, Female, Divorcee having affair with 25 Male:- do you know what song's playing in my mind, "Bade Acche lagte hai, yeh dharti, yeh ambar, yeh raina, aur tum..." [They all feel so good, the earth, the sky, the night and you] 30, Female, Forever Single friend:- Huh, stupid mushy song. Song I am listening, … Continue reading 29 female divorcee and 30 Single Forever – Our songs

Life in Bangalore II

Its 11.30 in the night and I can’t sleep. Came to bed at 10 been tossing and turning since then, eyes are burning, there’s a headache, feeling feverish and yet I can’t sleep. The bloody mind just won’t stop thinking. I have not been able to understand Bangalore’s weather yet. I am basically a hot … Continue reading Life in Bangalore II

How we F***ed the Idlis

Joint effort by Sanjukta and Constant Motion. At the outset a piece of irrelevant information. Constant motion who was formerly known as Encounter Specialist is my (Sanjukta) child hood friend we have been bickering and tolerating each other for the past 20 years.  And now we have started calling each other husband and wife. Constant … Continue reading How we F***ed the Idlis

Life at the T-point

I always stand at a particular place on my office terrace, to have my sutta. There is a T-point there accross the road. Off late I have picked up an interesting habit of standing there 'combusting that insignificant 5 mins of my life' while keeping an eye on that t-point and everything that happens there. … Continue reading Life at the T-point

Diwali 06

This existence in the cyber world can at times take a toll on you. I don't mean my blog to be a digital diary, so I don't write about every day things on it. But then every time I meet someone online they ask me the same questions bout my life and I find myself … Continue reading Diwali 06

Absurd Poetry

Tried my hand at absurd poetry as a writing exercise on Caferati... Absurd? Yeah absurd! Oh ok, I thought absurd. You're so weird. 'Weird' isn’t absurd. Like I care. 'Care' is absurd. Here, your paper. Yes that’s absurd. Pepper isn’t absurd. Paper is absurd. Knees hurt. Pain absurd. Getting cold. Axe is here. Hear something? … Continue reading Absurd Poetry


These day's I am reading the autobiography of Lord Denning. I too would be writing one na...so taking some tips from him... :D But of all the people why him. Well there's a reason. You know I feel a strange connection with him ever since I came to know that I shared my Birthday with … Continue reading #

Sanjukta And Prithiviraj, The Tale I Romanticized As A Child

Bollywood is finally making a movie on the eternal Love of Sanjukta and Prithviraj Chauhan. Finally people would pronounce my name properly... I remember having read their love story when I was 6 or 7, in an Amar Chitra Katha comic. Can't remember much details now, just this bit, that this guy Prithviraj was a … Continue reading Sanjukta And Prithiviraj, The Tale I Romanticized As A Child

My write up for Bribe Delhi website

"Sab log dhyan se suniye, abhi aapko Room No. *** mein jaana hai. Wahan aapko ek written test dena hoga. 20 questions hoga sab ke char answer honge, teen galat ek sahi. Aap wahan jaayenge hamara pen dikhayenge, Aapko question bilkul nahi padna hai, kisi bhi ek option pe tick maarna hai. I repeat, quetions … Continue reading My write up for Bribe Delhi website

Dating Etiquette Act, 2005

Dating Etiquette Act, 2005 An Act to codify the legislator’s ideas regarding the term called dating and to clear the stupid clichéd meaning given to the concept by the Indian middle class Chapter – I – Preliminary Short title and Extent - The law hereunder may collectively be known as the ‘dating Act’ and would … Continue reading Dating Etiquette Act, 2005

Anti Climax

21st May 2005 It was a terrible day today, bad start with a horrible fight with mom and sis. It was upsetting, sad. I felt like leaving the house and never come back. I can do that. Have even had packed my bags once, but alas, the logistics did not fell in the right place. … Continue reading Anti Climax

Conversation Funny and Weird on yahoo messenger……

Guy #1 - Why are u still single? Me – am not too sure Me – you think about it and lemme know if you have an answer Guy #2 – hi Guy #2 – so u a lawyer Me – yup Guy #2 – who is there at your home Me – mom, dad, … Continue reading Conversation Funny and Weird on yahoo messenger……