Excerpts from the book

[Part of the Manoshi's story thread] Moving on is easy, there is so much work to do. You remain so preoccupied you don't even have the time to think about anybody or anything. Manoshi certainly had moved on. It was almost a year since he last called. Before leaving Manoshi insisted he returns her book of Oscar … Continue reading Excerpts from the book


From the Book

[Excerpts from a book I am writing] [Part of the Manoshi's story thread] "Always bid strong goodbyes. Don't stand and stare. Just say goodbye, give a hug and leave." Prithvi would always say to Manoshi. But this morning's goodbye was rather long. They had spent the whole of yesterday's evening, night and this morning with … Continue reading From the Book

Chugging along

The train is now chugging through the hills, going in and out of tunnels every now and then. Manoshi is tapping her foot to the rhythm of a certain song playing on her MP3 player and she is reading a book. There's no one else in the compartment. As the train entered a tunnel again, … Continue reading Chugging along

In love with Manoshi – An Excerpt

Manoshi. An enigma, an illusion, a deception, an orgasm, a thought, a dream, a void. This is Manoshi’s story. Don’t know where to start though. You see, I have a curse. I know everything about everybody. It’s a curse to know all, I am telling you, it’s a curse. Above all it’s a curse to … Continue reading In love with Manoshi – An Excerpt