Yesterday’s dream and Tomorrow’s reality

This is actually from the archives, published on this blog as two different posts sometime in Aug’05. I am making them into one piece of, something I call a fusion between prose and poetry, a propestry. Yesterday she dreamt she had finally found him. He lived in Mars and she in Venus…he had always seen her over the stars…she had always known him over the galaxies. One day she heard a knock on her doors. There was standing an angel, carrying a message from him to her, a message that was lightened up by the glitz of those million star … Continue reading Yesterday’s dream and Tomorrow’s reality

[Poem] The road has come to an end

The road has come to an end. This is the end of the beginning, and this is the beginning of a new end.

In this road nothing excites me anymore,
nothing makes me happy,
nothing makes me sad.
I feel numb. Comfortably numb.
Oh dammit did you see,
in this road I lost my creativity.
All the emotions I feel are already made into songs,
this Floyd, that Cobain.

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Part III – It’s ‘Her’story not history

Part III – Marriage  She was taking typing classes, And looking for a job, when, a well wisher got a matrimonial alliance. “This guy at his 30, Central Government Clerk At Income tax department Good salary. Good catch I tell you”. Said he. “Yeah, this poor almost orphan child would get a shelter, What more can we seek.” Said her Aunt. She was 21 then. So, they never saw each other. She was confident, he’s another cruel man like father. Given the kind moustaches he adorns, Must be a political goon of the CPM. She was a romantic, though she didn’t … Continue reading Part III – It’s ‘Her’story not history

It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

Part II : Childhood. Father failed. Married again. She was now the mother of her step mother. And her new born. Both were always ailing. So those were days of troubled childhood, Physical abuse by a cruel father, Brother grew up to join the naxals, Jailed for 2 years in kuddalore, came out a weak and fragile soul. School was finished empty stomach College she could never reach. Her dad won’t pay for her fees. She Regrets and repents, “Why didn’t I sell off the gold chain” “Why didn’t I steal.” Out of school, nowhere to go She felt, “this … Continue reading It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

Mom is cursed with this Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. She has been living a life which only gets interesting by the day. From her childhood to this day Mom has been on a roller coaster ride. Pain, trauma, agony, ecstasy, freedom, laughter, frustration, win, loss, love, romance she has seen them all, felt them all and yet she hasn’t grown a day older. She still is a 5 year old silly child. I scold her often for being the way she is, she gets annoyed and we end up having a fight. Our fights are real … Continue reading It’s ‘her’story, ain’t history

And finally ‘You’

Coming outta that dream world……… Lemme talk bout the first man in my life whom I have looked at and felt he can be the one I can spent the rest of my life with. No, not in love yet, no butterflies in stomach or anywhere either, just find him special. If there is anything called “liked a lot at first sight” its that. Just known him for 2 months now, but we happen to connect great we both like each other. What next? I don’t know. Ideally I would want to be into a realtionship, a commitment, see each … Continue reading And finally ‘You’

Mirage this feeling

Mirage, this feeling Beware, fight it Stop Look behind What did you get last time Remember Hope is a fool’s sweetest dream. I have been loosing all hopes of ever falling in love and having a relationship. It seems the two shall never meet, my parameters of what I want from a man and his parameters of his woman. It all seems to be a long distant dream now of meeting someone, liking him, dating him for sometime, spend some nice quality time with him, get proposed by him, actually hear the words “I love you” in a real person’s … Continue reading Mirage this feeling

Go f*#* yourself….

I am so sick and tired of people throwing tantrums at me of people taking me forgranted of people hurting me and not even realising of people lying to me through their teeth sick and tired of myself of my silence of my acceptance of my not so fake smile of that ache right in the center of my heart of that star in my eyes of that touch in my hands why don’t you all get it I am for real Some times I wish I could truely express myself. wish I could yell at the top of my … Continue reading Go f*#* yourself….

Truth of my true stories

This post is from the past…, feelt it was a good para I worte so am just re posting it… ‘This is my truth’ was the theme of my blog. I started it coz there were, and still are, these times when I want to talk a lot about my life but no one to listen to…I thought I would share the bizarre truth of my life, which I think are stranger than fictions, but then where is the truth? What is my truth? What more is it than another sappy old story of love lost and heart break. Who … Continue reading Truth of my true stories

Festive Blues

Happy days and Merry times are here again, bringing along that same feel of solicitude and melancholy. I hate this. Last time it was Diwali and before that Dussherah. Every time these festivals are here people around me would ask me questions I don’t like to answer. “What’s your christmas plan, what’s New Year plan?” ‘Nothing’. I have to answer. To make it sound like more of a choice and less of a pathetic helplessness, to avoid all sort of sympathy, I came out with my own theory onf why we need not celebrate a festival I told people with … Continue reading Festive Blues

This weekend

Its Sunday 10 pm and I am about to go to catch some sleep, an occassion so very rare that I actually have to blog about (I mean am wishing to blog about it but can’t cause am too tired for creating a post) mostly on any given day I am awake till 1 am. This weekend was so exceptionally tiring. A minor heart ache A small accident a heated argument, lots of police FIR Claims Tribunal… All Coming up… As soon as I gain some energy. Continue reading This weekend

Food for this blog

I have run out of ideas to create further posts on my blog. But I am a wannabe writer. I cannot possibly run out of writing ideas in just about 10 month’s time. So lemme see what’s all there that I have written about and what’s all there I can write about. Things I write about:- My heart My loneliness My Frustration Fights with Family The absence of some one to love My mind What all I think What’s my take on latest issues. On women’s empowerment. On Legalizing Sex Trade On Freedom On the funny side of Life the … Continue reading Food for this blog