Stephen Gately: The ‘New begginging’ was too short, RIP Steo

Woke up to this absolutely shocking news, Stephen Gately of the famous Irish boyband Boyzone is dead. BBC reports,

Boyzone singer Stephen Gately has died suddenly at the age of 33 while on holiday in Majorca. Spanish police said there were no signs of suspicious circumstances, but the cause of death is not yet known.

Gately was on holiday with his long-term partner Andy Cowles. His bandmates said they were “completely devastated” and are now travelling to Majorca.

Boyzone manager Louis Walsh has pulled out of Sunday’s edition of ITV1’s X Factor in the wake of Gately’s death.

Looks like 2009 is going down in history as the year of shocking celebrity deaths and of all of them Stephen’s loss shocked me the most. Even though I wasn’t exactly a teenager in those days, but I have been obsessed with Boyzone, Ronan and Stephen in particular in the 90s. So many memories are right now flashing through my mind.

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R.I.P Michael Jackson, you were God sent: The Memorial

RIP The King of Pop


Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India

They believe in every few ages every time the affairs of the world goes haywire God pays a visit to earth, its the same God who just comes in various different avatars. He came and wrote holy books, The Geeta, The Bible The Quran.

But not every time will he write holy books will he, in different ages need of the hour changes. So this one time he came and gave man kind, the Pop music.

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson, you were that God sent who gave us pop music. Do come back again for this world wouldn’t be the same without you. Michael tried in vain to teach her moon walk and just gave up at her attempts. “Michael loved to laugh, MJ’s laugh was the sweetest and purest laugh I’ve ever known, he was very mischievous.”

Watching the Live telecast of the Memorial service from Staple Center.

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A Global Human Tragedy – RIP Michael Jackson

Girl boy were going through a break up. They promised they would never talk. This morning boy messaged girl, “MJ is no more.” She called him back and they shared the fond memories they had about MJ and his songs. How they danced to his tunes in school, how they bought blank cassettes and recorded MJ songs for their friends on their birthdays. MJ brought them together again.

Most people I know are calling their families to share their grief. On Twitter people are sharing their fond memories of the King of Pop. His death is like a global human tragedy.

I am shocked to say the least. The first thing I do every morning is switch on the radio. Today when I switched it on they were playing ‘Black or White’. They have been playing at least 4-5 MJ songs every day throughout this month as a part of a contest. At the end of the each day one caller who would be able to correctly identify all the MJ songs would be selected as a finalist and at the end of the month-long contest, one winner would be chosen among all the finalists to be flown to London for Michael Jackson’s last ever concert. But not any more.

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Jade Goody: The winner took it all

Ever since as a teenager I have romanticized the idea of an young and famous death. I am not suicidal. I think they suck who kill themselves. Someone once asked me what your advice would be to a person contemplating suicide and I said, “I’ll say – go to hell.”  Yet I always thought death was romantic. I fantasized young lovers who died for love because the world wouldn’t let them live and love. I fantasized even more the death of a lover whose love remained unrequited.  Every time my heart would break, every time some jerk would leave me … Continue reading Jade Goody: The winner took it all

This morning’s thoughts

Something about the world is different today, and it would never be the same. Mshewta, friend from the core circle at school, lost her mother yesterday. Shaken. The members of their generation have begin to leave. We all have been like family, so many days and hours spent chatting with her, when ever we visited her house aunty would talk more to us. This dussherrah when I went to Delhi I thought I’d go and meet aunty but couldn’t, she wasn’t keeping well for long, the woman had struggeled a lot in life. Gone. Shall always remember her daal parotas, … Continue reading This morning’s thoughts

Goodbye Kakan

I have always romanticized the idea of an early and famous death…my friend had it and now I am ‘living’ her ‘death’… I had wondered how will it be to be suddenly gone…What if people who knew me, loved me, find out I am no more… will they cry for me? Of course they will… Ok but what about those people who knew me only vaguely, who probably don’t keep in touch with me any more…will they cry for me? The men who broke my heart and never looked back? Those in numerable virtual acquaintances I have? Would they even … Continue reading Goodbye Kakan