This Shit Really Did Happen, It Was On The Morning Papers, Then Came the But

Talking about that shit called Love. I won't talk much about it anymore. Already shared a lot on my Facebook and Twitter. We authors cannot write about someone unless they are out of our lives. But this  man is a bit of exception. He found me on Twitter, expressed his crush, said "I love you" … Continue reading This Shit Really Did Happen, It Was On The Morning Papers, Then Came the But


Acceptance Validation and Appreciation – 3 Things We Seek on Social Media

Facebook and social media in general is making me miserable. So I am doing an experiment to answer some existential crisis.

Love is not complicated people are

10th Oct 2015 Last night the adda at SVD's place was particularly fun, I cannot remember when was the last time I laughed so much. Perhaps it was the good Icelandic liquor and potent dope or a recently heart broken R who opened up a lot more than he usually does or a frustrated M … Continue reading Love is not complicated people are

On reconnecting

"People move on, get hurt, come back and find me there still." On reconnecting with a man who used to have a crush on me a decade ago. He still remembers the crush. Told him I was always just a text away. There is nothing worse than two lonely friends not connecting with each other. It … Continue reading On reconnecting


23rd July 2012 I would never be able to explain it to anybody, including myself, how much it helps, writing a blog post at the most vulnerable times of my life. The only way I can ever express myself is by typing my heart out right here, away from every human eyes. So what happened … Continue reading Matter

That emotional intimacy issue…

Update dt 3-Jun-2012 - This is a rant. --- Its about 1.30 am, in exactly 12.5 hours I am required to present my Business Plan at our 10000 women program, in front of a special panel. My B-plan is not even 40% complete. And yet I am on this blog. I am here because I … Continue reading That emotional intimacy issue…

The heart is not where the dick is

The heart is so not where my dick is. If I were a man, I would have said that about my current situation. So change the 'vital instrument' to something more befitting my gender, you would get my point right. I don't know what else to call this but love and I just feel so … Continue reading The heart is not where the dick is

Alone and alive (Final Chapter of Book of Romance-Part 1)

This blog is back in action with its original content, feelings and emotions from the bottom of my heart, bare truth for the world to read. I spent all of 2010 worrying over the fact that everybody who knew me in real life, all the friends, the family members, colleagues, read my blog too often … Continue reading Alone and alive (Final Chapter of Book of Romance-Part 1)

Boats on the water, not steps on the ladder

The greatest tragedy of my life is that my parents and my nearest and dearest family don’t understand what do I do in life, who am I. Since they don’t know, from there it follows, they are not proud of me, not particularly ashamed but not proud to the extent that when it comes to … Continue reading Boats on the water, not steps on the ladder

Hello again, life

You know what they say about professionalism, that you cannot be personal. The last few months, in fact the whole year I barely blogged, whatever I did write, like updates on my professional life, my new entrepreneurial venture, some of my interviews that got published on other blogs, none of these were really stuff that … Continue reading Hello again, life

Tag this one as dark, depress, scream

"A 100 years from now, who are you to be, reading me with curiosity?" ~ Rabindra Nath Tagore If I could paint I would make a painting. Four walls and me, leaning on a corner, screaming. Scream till I lose my voice. Just scream. On the final day, when all of this will be over, … Continue reading Tag this one as dark, depress, scream

This is my truth my sanjukta Basu

Hope is the fool’s greatest dream, but is there another way?

The news has reached the purple sea, child king has picked up the brush and is about make a new painting. Kaefen, the sea monkey carried the news to his favorite 'smile maker the dream chaser'. "Girl, do you know, your days of picking tears are about to be over." It was a great day, she … Continue reading Hope is the fool’s greatest dream, but is there another way?

This is what hope does

2004 I had once fallen in love with a man who I never met. I was in my early 20s, Munish had just started distancing himself from me for reasons completely unknown to me. He behaved rudely with me in public, said things to hurt me often. He was a different person altogether. I was … Continue reading This is what hope does

Love is not your bailout

You will know when you will meet your soul mate, you'll just know. There's no way you'll be wondering, “Is this my soul mate?” A soul mate is a part of you which you didn't even know exist, which was lost but you didn't realize until you found it. Like sometimes while moving your furniture … Continue reading Love is not your bailout

The chase: The First date

Update: 17th May 2010 - I had earlier kept this post in private mode making it public today, because enough time has passed and that guy didn't ask me for a second date and now I don't think I am going to see him again. This is a follow up to my previous post 'The … Continue reading The chase: The First date

Information Overload

Frequency of post on this blog has gone down so miserably because too many people are now reading it. It has always remained a personal blog where I used to write all my deepest feelings. But not any more. Now, recently I went out on a date. Like a proper date. The most obvious thing … Continue reading Information Overload

The search, the chase and the soulmate

I don't know if its a coincidence or not but I happen to write whenever it pours unexpectedly and beautifully in the National Capital. And these writings always come in mind while I am coming home from work. In 2005, I used to work in Nehru Place, I thought of this post while sitting in … Continue reading The search, the chase and the soulmate

Happy New Year, that dream is still there

And just like that the year 2009 went by. Exactly the same way went '07 and '08 with the blink of an eye, leaving me behind with many exciting moments, many reasons  to smile, many moments of pride and success, and some same old blank sheets, and that same old yet to realize dream. TED … Continue reading Happy New Year, that dream is still there

This weekend – night drive, motherhood, lost love and more

This weekend and another weekend this month or last month, the Saturday evenings were spent at Snigdha-Vinayak's place. What I usually do is land up at their place for lunch and then hang around till dinner. Towards the evening we always go to the terrace and enjoy the breeze and do a lot of talking. … Continue reading This weekend – night drive, motherhood, lost love and more

A star was born

[Scene - I, 22nd Jan 1977, Jalpaiguri a small town in north West Bengal] She spent all of last night sobbing in his arms. "The doctor said 21st is the date but I never had a labour pain. And now the baby has even stopped moving. Some thing must be wrong with the baby, I … Continue reading A star was born

If you were a poet, would you write a song for me?

I asked, to someone I had a casual sex with, "Do you ever think about me?" He is also a friend, actually first a friend, the sex was like really casual and I am not even thinking of making it a regular activity, not because he wasn't good, he was, but because sex can't hold … Continue reading If you were a poet, would you write a song for me?

Long time no incoherence

Dr. Motion accused me of paying more attention to Mutiny and extending step motherly attitude to TIMT. Well she is right. Blogging has not been really happening the way it used to be 3 years back. There is no particular reason for it. I just don't feel so much anymore to be expressed. I feel … Continue reading Long time no incoherence

On Random matters of the heart

[Moving on to what I usually write on this blog. I will keep updating the post on Hajra with new information.] A lot of my male friends often tell me, after having broken a girl's heart, "I always told her there can be no future with me still she had built hope, what to do." … Continue reading On Random matters of the heart

This life…This arbit life

The google talk encountered an unexpected error. All chat windows shut down. I opened another IE window, typed hit enter. The hourglass appears and I am thinking 'wordpress' rhymes with 'depress'. I am loooking at a blue corner, where the two walls of my cubicle meet. The lights in this cubicle are the same … Continue reading This life…This arbit life

My 3rd Rejection

Updated on 1-Oct-09 - "Expired post. I can't relate to these emotions anymore." ------------------------------ In all my life so far there have been 3 lucky men to whom I have expressed my feelings and quite fortunately have been rejected by, now when I look back, "what was I thinking?" To the 1st one I had … Continue reading My 3rd Rejection

It happened on one summer afternoon

It was some kind of event, but I don't exactly remember what. I was with a group of people and we had all gone for an adventurous hiking through some exotic locales. There were wild animals, pretty flowers, nice people. I knew I was going to meet him on this journey. I just knew it. … Continue reading It happened on one summer afternoon

Of date, dent and dentistry-I

Cranky old man who doesn't look so old yet yells, "where is my lungi (traditional Indian men's wrap around), just where is it?"  Equally cranky but not so old woman yells back, "I have put it for Laundry." Old man confused, asks, "What do you mean 'put it for laundry', it has either been washed … Continue reading Of date, dent and dentistry-I

A break is a break up

A lot of things have happened in the recent past, some never before incidents. All of them together has made me write a thousand words with many emotions, I cringed a thousand times too to express them all but I couldn't. I am now going into a long silence, I just can't express what I … Continue reading A break is a break up

Life in Bangalore: On newly found independence

Been a year and a month in Bangalore. Time flew by indeed and I have finally begin to feel I am settled here, only thing I miss is my car. I always wanted to have a car because it gives me a tremendous feeling of independence. As if those are not wheels but wings. I … Continue reading Life in Bangalore: On newly found independence

Happy Birthday – 3 Aquarians

Left to Right: Snigs, Kreeti and Me at Pecos, Church Street, Bangalore --------------  They say sunsigns are all bull shit. But I think it has to be too much of a coincidence that it was this bunch of 3 intelligent, smart, whacky, eccentric and super sexy aquarians that has together done some of the greatest … Continue reading Happy Birthday – 3 Aquarians


It's been so long I didn't write a poem. I don't write much from the heart these days, don't feel anything actually. Life is going great if you see except that am in my 31st year and still single. There has to be a reason behind this. It cannot be a coincidence. All these years … Continue reading hmm

December Fever

Addendum: This post was featured on Bangalore Mirror dated 28-Dec-07 under the blog talk section. This was the 3rd time this blog got featured under the same section and the 5th time my name appeared in Bangalore Mirror. --------------------------- December fever as dad calls it, occurs during the last 5 days of the month of … Continue reading December Fever

Camping for love

Camping for loveOriginally uploaded by Jace BCB5 Participant Speak Participant # 1 - Hi What collective are you in? Participant # 2 - Oh I am in 'I found my wife at BCB Collective' Vinayak Das found his wife Snigdha Sheel (my childhood friend, my eccentric crazy friend cum almost wife) and I found a … Continue reading Camping for love

This weekend

The much awaited 4 day weekend is to end in couple of hours. Here's another of my "This weekend" post. This weekend I realised how comfortable I have become in being alone on my own. I don't feel bored any more, I don't mind not talking to anybody for the whole day. I don't mind … Continue reading This weekend

Lead Me Not 2 Temptation

Men are mostly mean. Am not complaining much, just saying, "it's not fair". They suddenly fly in from no where into my life give a little hurt and fly away. 'Lead me not to temptation' I say to myself everytime. Alas, I get tempted again and again. Take this guy, Kunal, for example. I knew … Continue reading Lead Me Not 2 Temptation

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend, My sister had a heart break, a real big one. She needs to look for reason to not fall apart. She joined the group I created, 2 years back, to hold myself together, by traveling and knowing how there is so much more to life than just the silly heart and its aches … Continue reading Weekend Snapshots

So what do you do, when

 Disclaimer: The word ‘You’ in the following lines is an assortment of many and not representing ME.    ...You admire a guy for the person he is, things he says or does, but you don’t think you can date him coz he is kinda out of your reach and you also don’t know how he … Continue reading So what do you do, when

A testimonial for a Beautiful Friend

Its amazing how some people never follow the trend. When every one been saying “hey send me an sms“. He’ll say, “honey text me up“. Samy will you call me, been ill for two days…or text me. though don hav no right nemore but been missing u.” That’s one of the sweetest sms i have … Continue reading A testimonial for a Beautiful Friend

I was charmed yesterday

I wanted to cry today. Just cry. Not for any particular person or reason. I was charmed yesterday...... damn I hate sequels. Anyways since my friend asked...what happened to the man who charmed me........ I don't know what love is? But I always wanted to fall in love. Wanted to give my everything, from body … Continue reading I was charmed yesterday


"Met a great guy today...he was wow...simply wow.. am charmed." When was the last time I said that...lemme go back in time... checking out the archives of my blog would suffice. Some where in the mid of Feb this year here is that post. Two in a year, not bad, its progress rather, given the … Continue reading wow

Full circle

No, you are not out of my mind. There isn't a single 'free' moment of the day when I don't think of you, you are the first thought when I wake up, you are the last when I sink in sleep. Just that you don't know, and you would never know coz I won't ever … Continue reading Full circle

A Testimony

With a spectacular Charm and a brilliant smile he is every woman's dream come true and yet he isn't the one for you...or may be you aint the one for him.A little loud...some times rude too...but at least no pretentions...that's the first impression that will probably be built by him on you, a man whose … Continue reading A Testimony

And finally ‘You’

Coming outta that dream world......... Lemme talk bout the first man in my life whom I have looked at and felt he can be the one I can spent the rest of my life with. No, not in love yet, no butterflies in stomach or anywhere either, just find him special. If there is anything … Continue reading And finally ‘You’


If this was a perfect world, This man would have been my perfect man and we would have fallen in love so very perfectly that we would have lived happily ever after.... Thanks god this isn't a perfect world Talking about dazenamused. I have been reading his blog for quite some time. Though he has … Continue reading You

Mirage this feeling

Mirage, this feeling Beware, fight it Stop Look behind What did you get last time Remember Hope is a fool's sweetest dream. I have been loosing all hopes of ever falling in love and having a relationship. It seems the two shall never meet, my parameters of what I want from a man and his … Continue reading Mirage this feeling

Ideal Match

Its been so long that I got tagged...Finally responding Was tagged by Beautiful and Insane by the same tag...and if I am not too wrong the most popular one recently... 8 points of a perfect Lover am making it 10 somehow just can't do in 8. Target - Male availability - haven't found him yet … Continue reading Ideal Match


Going through a strange feeling today. Going out to a weekend trip to Jim Corbett National Park with the Lets Go group. This is our first backpacking. Mostly new members are going the original members have long disassociated themselves from the group. I wasn't also bothering to initiate any activity...couldn't think of anyone to form … Continue reading #

What happened before Sanju was the boss

[First published on 1st Feb'06, edited on 23rd Jun'09] A lot of music lovers here have been entertained by one talented singer called Adnan Sami. I have liked his songs once in a while too. But I have a problem with his music videos. Quite a few of his videos feature him with some of … Continue reading What happened before Sanju was the boss

29th Birthday

Morning Hi, its my birth day today. Cool. So whats the plan for the evening. No plans. I am going through the usual feel-low-on-birthday syndrome. Birthday is always a day which makes me feel low. It reminds me of all the things I wanted to achieve by this date but failed…of all those people who … Continue reading 29th Birthday