Justice Katju’s remark equating bearded muslim with Talibans

So most of you already know the news. This high school kid Salim kept a beard in a convent school, school authorities didn’t appreciate. The kid sued the school. I don’t know if it was his own idea to go as far as Supreme Court for this mere cause of keeping beard or was it his parents or some religious leader in his neighborhood. It surprises me a bit that a school going kid would fight it all the way to have a beard of all the things. I mean beard, french beard, go-tee, clean shave, short hair, long hair, spiked hair, mohawk cut, hairy chest, waxed chest, hair on your eyebrows and upper lips are all parts of grooming and glamorising yourself I thought. Continue reading “Justice Katju’s remark equating bearded muslim with Talibans”


New posts on my political blog

There are two new posts on my political blog, This is my mind. “It’s time to stand up and Stand tall“ is about alternate sexuality. The main idea that I want to convey through the post is that the non heterosexual people, politically called the queer people should come out of their closet and assert their rights.   … Only if the number of people calling themselves queer is large enough and the faces known enough will the society realize it is not something so unnatural after all.  “What is wrong is preaching atheism, it’s a religion too” is motivated by the recent text … Continue reading New posts on my political blog

On Hindu Atheism, Law and Marriage

Most people who know me would know I am an atheist. I have this colleague, a Tamil Brahmin, religious and traditional to the core. Ever since I moved from Delhi to join this place as his colleague he has been disturbed by multiple cultural and moral shocks. Good thing about him though, is that he only looks at me as this strange creature from outer world but considers me harmless. He is somehow convinced I pose no threat to his culture. He sees me as an alien in his little world. Unlike most custodians of the great Indian tradition, he … Continue reading On Hindu Atheism, Law and Marriage