This Weekend

Being talented is not that fun always. At times you have to pay dearly for it. Now when you know there are about 54 lease documents that you’d have to go through. Read them, understand them and check if what your client is paying to the Landlord in terms of rent is exactly what he is supposed to pay as per the Lease. You know you have to finish this sample audit by 25th of Feb. And on 15th of Feb if you have to email your client, that the Audit is going great guns you gotta be talented to … Continue reading This Weekend

Ronan Keating

Was in my late teens when I first heard Boyzone’s cover of ‘words’. There opened a door to a new world. The romance with these 5 Irish Hearthrob continued for 5-6 years. We went through a lot of ups and downs, been through love and hate… Those were different days back then, Channel V and MTV weren’t colored basanti yet, they used to air informal inteveiews, biographies, News…Me and my sister used to do late nights to watch the MTV Indonesia Programs….everything about them was of concern…from their toe nail to their pet cat, their girl friend, parents….it was crazy…. … Continue reading Ronan Keating