What have Sanjukta Basu Said About Virat Kohli, Dick and In What Context?

Much sanskari outrage over a tweet I made a year ago, in which I question a vengeance seeking masculine mob blaming Anushka Sharma, for the bad performance of Virat Kohli. As if, he was playing cricket with his dick, instead of sporting skills. The right wing trolls dug out the tweet from past and used in completely unrelated irrelevant topics in their futile attempt to embarass me. These naarrow minded patriarchal Sanghis and bhakts think that woman using a-sanskari words like dick vagina penis breast is reason enough to insult her and question her credibility. They also think that simply … Continue reading What have Sanjukta Basu Said About Virat Kohli, Dick and In What Context?

No Raveena Tandon, You Have Not Been Trolled, And Ramayana is Not History

Raveena Tandon the 90s Bollywood actress is the new Hindutva icon in town. She is following the foot steps of her fellow Bollywood celebrities who have recently been blessed by BJP party tickets, national awards and Lok Sabha seats for … Continue reading No Raveena Tandon, You Have Not Been Trolled, And Ramayana is Not History

Social Media Ethics, Safety and Privacy issues – Guftagu at Azad Foundation

Originally posted on Samyukta Media:
By Sanjukta Basu I recently delivered a series of 2-3 hours talks, something we call a Guftagu (chit chat) with groups of young women from marginalized background as part of capacity building initiatives by Azad Foundation. Founded… Continue reading Social Media Ethics, Safety and Privacy issues – Guftagu at Azad Foundation

Facebook’s Promoted Status Updates | Pay to promote brand ‘You’

“Promoted status updates! That’s the lowest Facebook have stooped.” If you haven’t already met someone online (I am assuming you no longer meet people offline), shrugging their virtual shoulders and typing those words on their social networking walls, doors and … Continue reading Facebook’s Promoted Status Updates | Pay to promote brand ‘You’

Mention in Sunday Guardian and TED Fellows Friday

Social Media Baithak coverage by Sunday Guardian

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Technology and Breakups

I wrote this on 23rd July 2007 originally. Am republishing it today with some additional updates and copy editing. Enjoy Technology, Breakup and post break up syndrome in the web2.0 style.

[Note: Men Heterosexual men reading this post may replace the masculine words with feminine to be able to identify with the content. Non-heterosexual women may replace masculine with feminine. The post is inclusive of all gender and sexuality]

In the good old days, when people broke up they used to take a bus, train or plane and leave the city forever, so they won’t ever see each other even by chance. They used to tear off all the diary pages, the snaps, greeting cards and love letters and return all gift items so there would be nothing left in their possession which would remind them of each other. Tech made breakups simpler. Nowadays, you’d just have to hit the delete / remove / unfollow button. I’ll tell you how many times and where.

If it’s a very serious break up and you really don’t wanna see his face ever, I mean never ever, remove him from all your IM clients, Gtalk, Yahoo, Skype, MSN etc. Not just remove but block / ignore him wherever possible. On Gtalk blocking means either of you won’t get to see each other’s availability status. You’d always appear as off line to each other. Sending offline messages also wouldn’t work. On yahoo ignoring an ID means the same thing. That ID won’t be able to send you IMs any more. (But there’s a flip side to this, I’ll come back to it in a while)

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To the cynics with love: An Ode to Twitter

My sister is a complete opposite of who I am, she is more like dad and I am more like mom and since mom and dad have nothing in common sis and I were bound to be different. She belongs to this ‘old is gold’ school of thought, like those conservatives who think everything new, particularly in the field of technology, is a conspiracy to spoil the nation’s youth, those who whine over emails and are often lost in cheerful nostalgia about those beautiful days of hand written letters and pink envelopes carried by pigeons. (Good thing is she doesn’t think too highly of blogs either so chances are she wouldn’t be reading this)

So sometime back she had put this youtube video (which she thought was funny, I didn’t and I am writing this post to tell you why) on her facebook profile and asked me to see. [Link to the video]

I told you she belongs to the old school. So the video was a terrible take on Twitter. It said Twitter is for people who are self centered exhibitionist who only want to flaunt their extra ordinary life style. That, on Twitter people think they are talking but they are actually are not talking because no body is listening, that even though you think you are keeping in touch with your friends and telling them what you are doing all the time, truth is those on Twitter have no friends.

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Survey by TCS shows urban school children in India are well versed in New Media

This particular survey done by Tata Consultancy Services shows that  “The Web 2.0 Generation are digital natives, with high technology savvy, global in terms of aspirations and outlook as well as being increasingly optimistic about India’s economic future.” The survey is one of the largest conducted amongst youth in India covering 14000 students from schools across 12 Urban cities. Some of the highlights of the survey: 63% of urban students spend over an hour online daily 93% are aware of social networking Orkut and Facebook are most popular online destinations 46% use online sources to access news; TV, Newspaper users at … Continue reading Survey by TCS shows urban school children in India are well versed in New Media

My small take on the facebook event – Free Hug campaign world wide

While we were discussing the Free Hugs Campaign for V-Day, at least 10 people brought to my notice that there was already such an event planned, a world wide free hug campaign, details of which were up on Facebook. I find it surprising that an world wide event can entirely be planned online via facebook or other social networking sites, while the event is only possible offline. You can spread the word through facebook but can you actually plan the event? But while I was planning the campaign they all pointed me to the facebook event so I thought may … Continue reading My small take on the facebook event – Free Hug campaign world wide

One perfect example of elitism

In my previous post besides pointing out the fact that Bloggers are making an unnecessary hue and cry over this Kunte v. Dutt issue, I also brought my reader’s attention to a particular angst I have against a culture of elitism in Indian social media. I have had this for quite some time. But never thought of writing about it. As more and more professional journalists start to blog this elitism is taking new dimensions. A certain blogger friend constantly lives in denial of the existence of any such culture or any such elite blogger. I told him today, that … Continue reading One perfect example of elitism

Long time, I know

Did anybody miss me? A lot has been going on. Will tell you all about it. Blame Twitter for the lack of blogging by the way. They made it so easy to express in such few words that you dont’ wanna write long pages anymore. A few drafts are lying around since November. Will publish them shortly. But meanwhile just wanted to check who all are still reading this blog. If you are here, could you please leave a message? Please? And oh, for more regular updates follow me on Twitter. You’d love my tweets. Continue reading Long time, I know

Claiming my blog

After writing this blog for 3 years, having dedicated myself to it like a mother to her child, I have been told that my blog is an orphan. Out there under the technorati skies, amidst the busy blog traffic, moves about my blog my baby barefoot with no one to feed her or provide her with shelter. Not any more though, here I am claiming this blog as MY blog. It so happened that I saw traffic coming to my blog from Technorati. Got curious, track backed the links and landed up in the search factory of Technorati. What I … Continue reading Claiming my blog

This is my mind

Ever since I have been blogging I have always maintained this another blog but I never talked about it until today. I was always a very political person and a very opinionated one. But I didn’t take up blogging to express my political opinions. It may come as a surprise but I took to blogging to share my personal life with someone, even it that was a faceless crowd. I came to a certain point in my life where I was very lonely. My college days were over, all of us friends from school and college have moved on different … Continue reading This is my mind


The Local markets here in Dwarka, New Delhi are flooded with pirated movie CDs and DVDs. But that’s not news. Those pirated CDs and DVDs are everywhere in every city. What is new is something called a DVD9. A DVD with around 25 to 30 movies in one at the cost of around INR 200 which is negotiable. I don’t know if these are pirated or not but in all probability they are unless these movie producers have let go of their copyright. Seems to be made in some South-Asian countries from the various stuff written in those script on … Continue reading DVD9

Live blogging BCB5 – Day 2

Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India

Had some issues with the connection today so couldn’t live blog but I live twittered all through the day. Below is a detailed account of Day 2.

It had a dull start, not many for bloggers collective. After break fast we walked around a bit trying to figure out what’s happening where and saying hi hello to a few campers. Arun was taking pictures of all at the break fast table, Prashanth of Blogalorean made it today, he was busy playing cricket yesterday, Amit (labnol) Agarwal wouldn’t be taking any session today, said I’m here to just meet people today. Jace is going around taking a lot of pics, they are not using the mega phone today, you gotta shout to collective participants for your collective.

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Live blogging from BCB5 – Day 1

Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India

I am at IIM Bangalore attending the 5th Bangalore Barcamp, around 800 people registered but turn out is real low. Look and feel of the BCB is more cool this time…instead of boring name tags they have these cool stickers which you can put all over you, your laptop…they read like, I am seasoned, This is my 2nd Barcamp, Ask me for help, Ask me for network help, I am speaking, I am live blogging etc. I am also tweeting the event.

11.15 am Raj is speaking on My SQL at L-12 Raj works for yahoo. Right now he is answering people’s question which means they were listening. I wasn’t because I am blogging duh.

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New Media + Mass Social Campaign

Every time I do they say, “there she goes, there she goes again, trying her best, to hog as much attention as she could get.” So this time I thought I’d keep a low profile. But then Arun nudged me, “Why don’t I see you around on BCB list? Why are you so silent, either you are too busy or too upset with something.” First I gave him some bull shit reason, then the honest reason, finally I was motivated enough by him to do this.   Proposing the New Media and Mass Social Campaign Collective for BCB5 What is Barcamp? BCB (Barcamp Bangalore) is … Continue reading New Media + Mass Social Campaign

This weekend

The much awaited 4 day weekend is to end in couple of hours. Here’s another of my “This weekend” post. This weekend I realised how comfortable I have become in being alone on my own. I don’t feel bored any more, I don’t mind not talking to anybody for the whole day. I don’t mind not going out anywhere for the entire weekend. I am so calm inside all of a sudden. In fact, to my surprise I realised unsolicited phone calls and other means of displaying interest in me has finally become annoying. So it was very confusing and … Continue reading This weekend

Gmail Spam

I got this mail on my gmail Inbox. Some spammer pretending to be writing on behalf of Gmail service center asking me for my email account and password. This kind of spam is so scary and dangerous. These days even people with minimum awareness about spam mails, mail virus internet frauds etc use gmail and other mail clients. Am sure if a naive person like that, my mom and dad for example, would get this mail he/she would fall into the trap and send away their account details to a spammer exposing them to extreme internet risks. May be Google … Continue reading Gmail Spam

Major Ranting against Shelfari

Addendum | 29-Oct-07 Michael Boyd Clark has linked to this post of mine while writing about the shelfari.com spam on his blog. He have also listed few more posts talking about the same issue. There is a constructive argument happening on the comments section between him and Prateek Dayal Addendum | 12-Nov-07 More on the shelfari.com spam. LibraryThing has come out with this exhaustive list of around 50 blog posts where people have frowned upon the spam. The list also links to this post of mine. LibrayThing is one of the first amongst these social networking site based upon book … Continue reading Major Ranting against Shelfari

Mom and Dad are separating

This blog is getting a lot of traffic off late and I feel stressed trying to live up to reader’s expectations and maintain the overall quality. One of the causes of worry is that I don’t know what exactly people like about my blog. JD Salinger’s protagonist from ‘Catcher in the Rye’ once said, he liked reading those books the most where he felt he could call up the author as if the author was his buddy and discuss the characters and events in the book. Perhaps that’s what people like about this blog. Given that it mostly is a … Continue reading Mom and Dad are separating

Do you Twitter?

If people around me constantly keep talking about something I don’t know it really bothers me. I get into a self inflicted responsibility of going all the way to learn it just so that next time they talk, I can also be a part of it. Being with these BCB4 Organizers this list of thing to learn is getting longer. Anyways so they all were talking about it so I begin to Twitter. Found it quite cool. That’s the thing with these technologies.  Everyday they are inventing new means to make your virtual identity more vivid and each one is a … Continue reading Do you Twitter?

I was a panelist in the ‘Faculty Development on “New Media Concept and Applications”

Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum yunhi blog karte karte… With all the ‘celebrity bloggers’ of India Uncut and Desipundit out there it was me who was giving a presentation as a Resource Person in a One day Faculty Development on “New Media Concept and Applications” conducted by Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC). I was there to speak on the topic “Blogging – Individual as a global publisher.” I had the honor of sharing the panel along with Director, SPIC MACAY, Navin CR Khilnani, Director, Educational Multimedia Research Center, IIT, Roorkee, Dr. R Sreedhar and Knowledge and Management Consultant, Sairee … Continue reading I was a panelist in the ‘Faculty Development on “New Media Concept and Applications”

Conversation Funny and Weird on yahoo messenger……

Guy #1 – Why are u still single? Me – am not too sure Me – you think about it and lemme know if you have an answer Guy #2 – hi Guy #2 – so u a lawyer Me – yup Guy #2 – who is there at your home Me – mom, dad, sister Guy #2 – no brother?? Me – no Guy #2 – do u hav a pic…… Guy #3 : what is this MPS (multiple personality syndrome) all about? Me : i have split personality Me : there’s only a thin difference between me and … Continue reading Conversation Funny and Weird on yahoo messenger……

Blogging trends

Some one commented that we blog for our own plesure and it doesn’t really matter whether people read what we write or not. Well I don’t think so. And of course like all times I have no scarcity of Thoughts when i come to think of as to why we blog “Writing Comes so easily When you’ve got Some thing to say”. The rest of the thought would presumably be “but no one to listen”. At least that’s why I write (or blog, to be more precise). I am making this guess that most of us here in this blogworld … Continue reading Blogging trends