What India should learn from the tragedy in Peshawar, Pakistan

Time for us to introspect where is our own country headed with religions extremism?

The cold blooded killing of 100s of innocent children in Peshawar by the Taliban terrorists is a grim reminder of what happens when religion fucks up the mind. Religion is a great thing to have, like a penis. Great to be proud of it, but do not take it out in public and shove it down other people’s throat. Keep your religion within your pants. Its a personal matter, keep it that way, do not bring it in politics and governance matters. Continue reading “What India should learn from the tragedy in Peshawar, Pakistan”


Run Delhi Run

Saturday, 30th October 2005, 6.15 pm, I was on my PC writing a post for my blog and also doing some internet research for my work, when suddenly my sister came all panicky telling me do you something there is bomb blast going around, I looked at her and calmly asked, “you mean?” She got irritated by the cold attitude I had towards her panic. “what do you mean, ‘you mean’? I mean bomb blast, terrorist attacks.” She replied rather repulsively. “Ok.” I said and looked back at my PC and resumed my work where I left. She got furious … Continue reading Run Delhi Run