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Social Media Baithak

Social Media Baithak

My role: Co-founder. Related reports: One, Two, Three


Mumbai Blog Camp

My role: Speaker on the topic of Social Media and Non-profit, presented Bell Bajao as a case study. Related report


Workshop on Social Media and Online Campaigns for non-profits by Feminist Approach to Technology

At FAT workshop on Social Media and Non-profits

My role: Speaker, presented Bell Bajao as a case study. Related reports one, two


Social Media and Blog Camp

Talking on Twitter at the Social Media and blog camp

My role: Speaker on the topic of Micro Blogging v. Blogging. Related report.


Bengaluru Queer Pride 09

Bengaluru Pride 09
Bengaluru Pride 09

My Role: I handled the Twitter account for this event and also helped in online coverage. Below are some of the related reports. Bengaluru Pride on Twitter

Bangalore Queer Pride ’09: A report, Queer Pride India: Celebrations in major cities


Free Hug Campaign in Bangalore

At the Free Hug campaign initiated by me

My role: Ideator, as a Gandhian reaction to the Mangalore pub attacks in January 2009, I called out through my blog to all the Bangalore Bloggers to participate in a free hug campaign to spread the message of love on Valentines Day. Related reports – One, Two, Three


India Lies in You

IndiaLiesInYou small size
My Role: One of the Panelist in a Panel discussion on the movie A Wednesday, highlighting the plight of ordinary Indian citizens amidst the growing terror attacks.

Blogathon India

Blogathon India

My role: Co-organizer. Related report, Twitter stream, NDTV coverage


Bangalore Barcamp – The Blogger’s Collective an Initiative led by me

Bloggers Collective Lead with Team Mutiny at Barcamp Bangalore 4

My role: Collective Lead. Related Posts: One, Two Three, Four, Related report on Mutiny.In

Busy live blogging the Barcamp Bangalore 5


Blogaloreans – A group for Bangalore Bloggers

My Role: Founder and Moderator of the Bangalore Bloggers Group. The group has been very active for about 2 years. There is a lot of online content related to the activities of Blogaloreans. Here are some of the related blog posts mentioning Blogaloreans – Sukumar, Jerry, Hari, Adheeth, Anwin, Prashanth.

My first announcement calling for a meet the meet which led to the formation of Blogaloreans, Blogathon, Bloggers Collective

The Google Group, Report of the first ever meet by Kishore, report on Desicritics.


Global Voices Summit, New Delhi

Participant speak at the Global Voices Summit 2006

My role: Participant. Related report


Blogging Outreach Project

My role: Founder and organizer. Related report


Delhi Bloggers Meet with BBC World Radio

Delhi Bloggers with the BBC World Radio team

My role: Organizer. Related reports – One, Two, Three

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  1. You know what i didnt want to leave blr. Its a good bed for bengalis. But as you know the recession is striking, one cannot be cornered, so checking the capital now….

    Believe me jete icche koreni…


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