Lucky to live the day India lifted Cricket Worldcup 2011 and when India Gate remained elusive

It was an end of en era, a historical moment when Mahendra Singh Dhoni lifted that cricket world cup on 2nd April 2011, 28 years after Kapil Dev first lifted it in 1983.

I am lucky to have lived this day, lucky to be a part of this euphoria, and also lucky to have lived the experience of watching it with people who didn’t judge you when you yelled at the top of your lung, jumped on the bed, broke a bottle and made stupid cynical comments. Yes I did all of that on this fateful night.

Let’s go back to the start.

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The search, the chase and the soulmate

I don’t know if its a coincidence or not but I happen to write whenever it pours unexpectedly and beautifully in the National Capital. And these writings always come in mind while I am coming home from work. In 2005, I used to work in Nehru Place, I thought of this post while sitting in the auto. In 2006 I was stuck in a bus stop, unable to find any bus or auto to my home in Dwarka, the rain was so beautiful I took some impromptu photos. Today it rained again. I had just taken the car out of … Continue reading The search, the chase and the soulmate

Prof Sabharwal’s attackers set free, women made to go through virginity test and more news

Pause for a while, take a moment, spend it in mourning for all that is dead, dying and will die. Death of the faith in justice system, of women’s rights, of the many helpless innocents killed at work or leisure…So many death and so many killers walking free.

All 6 accused in the Prof Sabharwal murder case were set free by a Nagpur Court today. The accused who were ABVP (students wing of BJP) activists had allegedly attacked and beaten Prof Sabharwal outside the Madhav College in Ujjain 3 years ago. [Source] The entire nation had watched the disturbing brutality, a wounded unconscious Prof, the “guru brahma guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara” being carried inside an ambulance. Broad day light 100s of on lookers. Yet they couldn’t find one witness to make a strong prosecution.

Today the Court noted the prosecution has failed to prove the charges and aquitted all the accused. So did no body kill him? Did Prof Sabharwal die a natural death? How will it feel if tomorrow the Court says “the prosecution has failed to prove the charges” and sets free Ajmal Kasab.

BJP is now seeing this as a moral victory. They were seen shouting slogans outside the Court today. On CNN IBN a BJP spokesperson said, “We always had faith in judiciary and that faith has been restored. Truth has won.”

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Queer Pride India 2009: Celebrations in all major cities

‘Greetings from the land of the Sinful Kamasutra’ said Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil while opening the Euro pride 2008 at Stockholm. (Video) But who is he? He was one of the few Indians to be invited to the Oprah Winfrey show, was one of the candidates for Time Magazine’s World Top 100 Most influential People list in 2007, have been quoted and interviewed by respected magazines and news dailies from all over the world; he is one of the most prominent face in LGBT rights activism and HIV awareness activity; he hosts an annual cultural festival at his palace for … Continue reading Queer Pride India 2009: Celebrations in all major cities

My family had a narrow escape at the Delhi Blasts

It was 6.30 pm I had just decided to shut down my laptop and read some books instead, I had also moved from my drawing room to bed room in order to lie down bit. Yet at the last min I thought let me still carry the laptop I would read some of the PDF files lying unread for so long, I won’t be online though. Just when I had looked at the screen to sign out of Gtalk and Twitter I found a tweet saying “blasts in Delhi, Karol Bagh” From that time till the time they all took … Continue reading My family had a narrow escape at the Delhi Blasts

Independence day for a Bengali Muslim Indian

Writing this with an attempt to report a case of human rights violation and bring some media and administrative attention. Once again a group of harmless poor people trying to make ends meet in the big bad city by washing people’s cars, pulling cycle rickshaws, working as maid servants etc. have been verbally abused, threatened, beaten up uprooted and forced to run away to save their lives by the local goons of Vishwas Sarak, Raja Puri, Dwarka, New Delhi. Their crime? They speak Bengali and have suggestive names like Zakir, Fasal, Jalal, Hajra – yes they are all Bengali Muslim … Continue reading Independence day for a Bengali Muslim Indian

Nationwide Queer Pride March: An Historical event

Last week I wrote a piece on how its time for the queer people to stand up, stand tall and assert their rights. In this context the queer activism in India just witnessed a landmark event, the first ever nation wide Queer Pride March was concluded on Sunday, 29th June 2008. Thousands of gay, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transexuals and other non-heterosexual people in Delhi Bangalore and Kolkata came out on the streets to join the march which was “not a protest but a celebration”, as Leselie Esteves, member of the newly formed Delhi Queer Pride committee puts it. This was the … Continue reading Nationwide Queer Pride March: An Historical event

Of date, dent and dentistry-I

Cranky old man who doesn’t look so old yet yells, “where is my lungi (traditional Indian men’s wrap around), just where is it?” 

Equally cranky but not so old woman yells back, “I have put it for Laundry.” Old man confused, asks, “What do you mean ‘put it for laundry’, it has either been washed or not washed.” Old man’s logic, “If its washed it should be on the strings drying, if not washed I can still wear it, if only I can find it, where is it?”

Old woman grumbled, “I washed it but didn’t dry it. So find yourself something else to wear.”

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It rained today Man…

It was an awesome rain that delhi had today in the evening and its awlays a beautiful sight to see those shining blades of water falling on the concrete road and the car splashing by…the traffic obviously came to a halt all around and I waited almost an hour at the Jungpura stop for a 727 before I gave up, took an auto to CP and boarded the metro to Dwarka. But what a well spent hour it was. Last time I wrote about it, this time I clicked and captured. More Delhi rain pics here Continue reading It rained today Man…

It rained today

Feelings Yesterday:- If I knew that was the last time, I would have at least hugged him closer and longer The search has come to an end not because she found it but because she has let it go, and its so much better now. No more worries, no pain no questions no answers, no hopes no expectations. Am I dressed properly? am I giving out the right message? Was I able to leave an impression? Is he going to call? should I call him? Does he like me? Are we ever gonna meet again? Stop asking, forget everything, Just … Continue reading It rained today