Why Every Feminist Should Refuse to Say Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Hyper sexualized images of women in Bollywood item numbers strip them off their identity and reduce them to object of sexual gratification. The image of ‘Bharat Mata’ does exactly the same for the nationalist or patriotic gratification of its citizens.


My feeling of patriotism in a BJP ruled India

“Patriotism cannot be our final spiritual shelter; my refuge is humanity. I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds, and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity as long as I live. ” ~Rabindranath Tagore Every Independence Day and Republic Day I grapple with the concept of patriotism and nationalism. Am [...]

TiE Entrepreneurial Summit Live Blog: Day 1

2.30 pm I have finally reached the #TieSummit and we are at the post lunch sessions now. Dream Big is the theme for the present session. Pradeep Gupta (Cyber Media Group) chairing the session. Pradeep is talking about dreaming big. Not just big but dreams should be inspiring. Your entrepreneurial dream should be something that [...]

Live blog: Creating High Impact and Digital Initiatives in India (Day 2)

9 am [My notes are a bit shabby, because mostly if am not able to understand the crux of the issue which forms the background of these presentations, most of which are related to archiving, I am not able to do justice to the notes. This blog is largely quick notes for personal use, I [...]

My Interview for the TED India Fellows Project by Kiruba

This is old news, but better late than never. Noted Social Media practitioner Kiruba Shankar designed a TED India Fellows Project under which a team of 5 to 6 bloggers conducted interview with the 100 chosen TED India fellows. The idea was to know the fellows better and get insights on what makes the TED [...]

Mention in Sunday Guardian and TED Fellows Friday

Season's Greetings to all my readers. Hope the festive season has greeted you well so far and shall keep you warm and cozy through Eid, Diwali, Christmas and all other special days to come. I just came back from a month long vacation to West Bengal, revisiting my native land almost after 15 years. The [...]

Launch of Samyukta Media: My small step in a big world

Samyukta Media is alive and kicking, please visit website for more updates http://www.samyuktamedia.com So it has been about 3 months that I have quit and an update is much needed on how has life been without a job. Life has been good, more importantly,  it has been exactly the way I planned. Sometimes I get worried when [...]

D was for Diversity at the first TEDxDelhi: A report

About 200 odd Delhi elites attended the first TEDxDelhi on Sunday, 1st Aug 2010 at the India Habitat Center. I did too, in the capacity of being a TED Fellow, thankfully to some of us they gave complimentary passes otherwise the ticket cost ranges from INR 1500 to 2500. TED conferences are costly, we all [...]

Amnesty International asks countries to follow India’s example in Gay Rights

This may be a bit old but I have somehow missed it by far. Soon after the historic judgment of Delhi High Court last year which decriminalized homosexual realtionship amongst consenting adults, the international human rights organisation Amnesty International issued this statement asking remaining remaining countries to follow India's example and de-criminalize homosexuality. To quote [...]

Survey by TCS shows urban school children in India are well versed in New Media

This particular survey done by Tata Consultancy Services shows that  "The Web 2.0 Generation are digital natives, with high technology savvy, global in terms of aspirations and outlook as well as being increasingly optimistic about India’s economic future." The survey is one of the largest conducted amongst youth in India covering 14000 students from schools across [...]

Prof Sabharwal’s attackers set free, women made to go through virginity test and more news

Pause for a while, take a moment, spend it in mourning for all that is dead, dying and will die. Death of the faith in justice system, of women's rights, of the many helpless innocents killed at work or leisure...So many death and so many killers walking free. --- All 6 accused in the Prof [...]

History is created today, Delhi High Court rules being Gay is no longer a crime in India

Writing this in hurry, couldn't have waited. History have been created today in India, this morning Delhi High Court gave its judgment on the petition filed by Naz Foundation challenging the constitutionality of Section 377 of IPC which criminalizes all acts of oral and anal sex between individuals irrespective of age and consent. High Court [...]

Bangalore Queer Pride March’09: A Report

Did anybody see a rainbow today on Bangalore sky? I did as we drove back from Town Hall, the place where the Bangalore Queer Pride Parade concluded and I thought how very symbolic. Queer people in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Bhubaneswar today celebrated their ‘being’ under a rainbow colored flag. Gays, lesbians, kothis, hijras, intersexs, [...]

Queer Pride India 2009: Celebrations in all major cities

‘Greetings from the land of the Sinful Kamasutra’ said Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil while opening the Euro pride 2008 at Stockholm. (Video) But who is he? He was one of the few Indians to be invited to the Oprah Winfrey show, was one of the candidates for Time Magazine’s World Top 100 Most influential People [...]

User Instructions and Cautionary statements

Are we being remote controlled by the user instructions we read on the pack of various consumer products we buy?

Human beings: the funny creatures that we are

Human beings going on a jungle safari in a National park is a ridiculous activity. I have been to quite a few of them myself and trust me I am not particularly proud. We go to Jim Corbett National Park in hopes to see Tigers, Gir forest to see Lions, Kaziranga to see Rhinos and [...]

Justice Katju’s remark equating bearded muslim with Talibans

So most of you already know the news. This high school kid Salim kept a beard in a convent school, school authorities didn't appreciate. The kid sued the school. I don't know if it was his own idea to go as far as Supreme Court for this mere cause of keeping beard or was it [...]

My family had a narrow escape at the Delhi Blasts

It was 6.30 pm I had just decided to shut down my laptop and read some books instead, I had also moved from my drawing room to bed room in order to lie down bit. Yet at the last min I thought let me still carry the laptop I would read some of the PDF [...]

Response to comments on previous post

The previous post on Hajra and her community attracted a lot of adverse comments. At the moment there are a total of 57 comments on Mutiny.IN and some more on this blog. It is sad to note that when a clear case of victimization of innocent people is reported most readers are more interested in [...]

Independence day for a Bengali Muslim Indian

Writing this with an attempt to report a case of human rights violation and bring some media and administrative attention. Once again a group of harmless poor people trying to make ends meet in the big bad city by washing people’s cars, pulling cycle rickshaws, working as maid servants etc. have been verbally abused, threatened, [...]

The Crusader and the Cynic

Based upon a real conversation between a Crusader and a Cynic. What makes this conversation interesting is how in the beginning every line manifestation of the two strong willed characters both sounding confident and convincing in their respective point of views and by the end you see a reversal of roles which contradicts the earlier [...]

New Year

Time just flies by...first 15 days of the year already past and am yet to write about the new year trip I made. I took mom for a 3 day conducted tour arranged by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation to Mysore, Ooty and Coonoor. I never thought of very highly for state conducted tours [...]