This particular survey done by Tata Consultancy Services shows that  “The Web 2.0 Generation are digital natives, with high technology savvy, global in terms of aspirations and outlook as well as being increasingly optimistic about India’s economic future.” The survey is one of the largest conducted amongst youth in India covering 14000 students from schools across 12 Urban cities.

Some of the highlights of the survey:

  • 63% of urban students spend over an hour online daily
  • 93% are aware of social networking
  • Orkut and Facebook are most popular online destinations
  • 46% use online sources to access news; TV, Newspaper users at 25%
  • 62% have a personal computer at home
  • 1 in 4 students own lap-tops in metros; 2 of 3 own music players
  • IT and engineering remain overwhelming popular career choices
  • Media & Entertainment, Travel and Tourism are emerging careers
  • USA, UK top list of international destinations for higher studies

The results make me very happy and give me new ideas for the Blogging Outreach Project. When I got inspired to do the blogging outreach 3 years back the new media scene was lot different, now a lot of things have changed. Most importantly internet has entered many more urban houses in the last few years.

Today, so many children are being well versed with new media, tomorrow they can use the medium of blogs, photo/audio blogs to spread information at a far greater speed than it is traveling now. Information is still not traveling at the speed in which it should, and is still restricted to a certain class / group of people. The real India, the villages are still not on the global map.

Each village needs a blogging center which would be manned by an army of citizen journalists, who would gather information and publish it directly to the world wide web, so that information reaches in real time to the largest audience without bias.

So much work to do.

Read more about the survey here.