People I am back. I wasn’t blogging for some time now. First, I blamed it on lack of time even though I have always refused to buy that statement from others…I say time is never a constraint its only your priorities which governs your clock and calendar. Then, I thought lack of time wasn’t a reason enough stimulating so I blamed it on some more crappy reason like I have got nothing more to say…silence speaks. (the previous post turned out to be one of the most depressing post of mine and I hate the negative vibes it gave out.  The real reason (which I now am thinking is real but may turn out otherwise in couple of days) is that I got bored of blogging…lost interest…simple isn’t it.

What I am about to write now is not going to be very merry for many

It was the VIIth Delhi Blogger’s Meet or Delhi Blogger’s Monsoon Meet yesterday at Café Coffee Day @ CP

Its religious to write about the meet if you attend one, or attend one to write about it…whatever. It was my first blogger’s meet so it is all the more important. So how was it? Great. Doesn’t that goes without saying? I had a great time meeting some real nice humble bloggers from different walks of life (for a change there weren’t too many of them who help people how to find ways to spend more money…that’s how one of the software engineers described his profession while introducing himself). We all had lottsa fun, we cracked up laughing like bunch of old friend’s catching up. I made some real good friends at the end of the day and am looking forward to more such meets.

Wait a min…doesn’t that experience sounds a little familiar? Doesn’t most of the post after a blogger’s meet sound the same? Well this is me…I have to sound different. Here it goes

There were 11 participants. Out of those 11 only 2 were first timers. Rest of them were the regulars who keep meeting each other informally more as a friend rather than as fellow bloggers. Interestingly, one of the first timer has also met couple of them before informally (that being me) and the other first timer came, saw and left. So it was literally old friend’s catching up and the essence of a blogger’s meet, I am assuming such an essence do exist, correct me if I am wrong, was missing in the meet. I found out that this group, our group, has been quite a celebrated and glorified group in the past. Our meets have been covered by most of the major national dailies, we also happen to be one of the pioneers in such city specific bloggers community and meets. Somehow there was no sign of that glory in yesterday’s meet, there was nothing blogicial about it (and nothing about monsoon either).

And I am seriously concerned about the why(s) and how(s). I would want to open my newspaper one fine morning 3-4 years from now to read an article Delhi Bloggers take up the cause of the Sunday book bazaar.” And on another fine morning “Delhi Bloggers Golden jubilee Meet – a Gala evening” or another one “The Third Annual DBM awards” and I guess I am gonna work upon that.

Well, I know you are calling me a dreamer and I know I am the only one…but then that’s what this space is for. To speak without inhibitions.

I would be attending all the forthcoming meets, whether they are blogicial or not, but personally would want to see the Group go places by some more meaningful event. Whether or not blogging continues to be an ‘in’ thing and whether or not the present bloggers continue to blog…the group should exist.

Coming back to why I am back at blogging?

Because yesterday’s meet inspired me…gave me direction.