There are two new posts on my political blog, This is my mind.

“It’s time to stand up and Stand tall is about alternate sexuality. The main idea that I want to convey through the post is that the non heterosexual people, politically called the queer people should come out of their closet and assert their rights.  

… Only if the number of people calling themselves queer is large enough and the faces known enough will the society realize it is not something so unnatural after all. 

“What is wrong is preaching atheism, it’s a religion too” is motivated by the recent text controversey in Kerela. While I haven’t read the whole book I see nothing wrong with the chapter which is in the centre of the controversey.

Religion is forced upon us from the time when we are just few months old, loads of customs like naam karans mundans etc. Bongs hav this thing called annaprashan..where a 6 month baby is all dressed up like a bride/groom and fed with a grand lunch.

Kids hardly have learnt to walk and they are taken to places of worship and are taught by parents how to worship.

So forcing a religion upon a child is ok? And giving them another outlook, a possibility of a life without religion is not ok? Let them learn about atheism too and then let them decide…coz hey atheism is a religion too you know. Like I am religiously non religious.