Furobiker Abhishek, Lakshmi, Kalyan, Arnold, Aneesha, Seema, PP, Eddie, Rashmi, Snigdha and Anantha – Thanks to each one of you for still being around. I bestow upon you the ‘Most loyal reader‘ awards. And from this day on this blog is going to start a new chapter in its life with 11 of its most loyal readers. The previous post got 83 unique page views half of them came through web half of them from RSS feed but only 11 commented. I am going to start this new chapter by establishing a personal relationship with these 11 readers, I don’t want 100s of fans who don’t even bothered to know me ‘well’ but few friends who know the real me. I promise I’ll always read everything they’ll write on their blog and shall always comment.

<Ya rrrright. My god I am good at this shit :P This is my truth it seems. Bring me the fans and fame will you, cut the emotional crap I say :P>

You guys noticed the new look to this blog? How do you like it? I think its neater than before and then I have the new header image, the barbed wire, which is one of my personal favorite of my photography.

Ok so enough of small talk. Right after this post I will publish something I started writing in Nov. Its a never ending saga of a zillion rants expressed in style. I’ll publish it in parts. Not because I am yet to finish writing, because if I make one post, it would be too long and boring. It’s called ‘The chase is on’.

oookay then Signed out…

PS @Anantha, Twitter is the reason of the writers block. If anybody follows me on Twitter they’ll know that my forthcoming post ‘The chase is on’ is only a detailed version of what I expressed through multiple tweets over the past 2 months.