You did everything, you said.
“Got you the moon and the stars;
Diamonds and the pearls.”

Yeah and you even wrote me songs.
I even wrote you songs!

You did everything, you said.
“Took you to Paris and Rome,
holy Ganges and the great wall.”

Yeah and you even made me laugh.
I even made you laugh!
I am so cruel, you said,
“What more do you want,” you asked
when I said, “something is missing.”
And you said I broke your heart,
When I left before you woke up.

Now driving down I feel, it’s a bit funny
All you had to do was love.


20 thoughts on “[Poem] So we broke up

  1. PP – what are you thinking?

    Ink – Thanks

    Arcopol – Thanks. I am not keen on poetry myself unless I am writing one :P

    Leena – exactly, and then they wonder what’s wrong with her, why is she being weird, what am I supposed to do.


  2. Lovely. Sometimes you need to just lead them and tell them what u want. Expecting them to understand ‘just like that’ is not helpful. Its counter-effective and often leads to the ‘end’ !

    and yes … beautiful poem !!


  3. wow. its really a nice one.
    Nowadays I am feeling like truly loving someone (or may be anything) is becoming tough; may be this called growing up (?). I really don’t want grow up then :-(


  4. HK – that precisely what happened in this case. She left the scene and said it to herself what he needed to do. Never says anything to him. Some people can’t tell what’s really on their mind.

    Tauheed – I know what you saying, and you are right, its called growing up. Happens to all of us, specially in this busy life. we lose th ability to love.


  5. Nice one :)
    when I said, “something is missing.”
    Does something stand for love?
    Love is very inward feeling. It makes one to express in many different ways, like sharing a laughter, visting Rome and Paris.
    but just sharing a laughter or visting rome and paris can not make you in love. An effect can not be the cause.


  6. “All you had to do was love”.
    You know you have rightly written it as the last line; coz this is usually said or thought of in the end. No one believes in it but its good to say/hear


  7. Nice! Did you write it Snajukta?

    A reply for it,
    Milna tha ittefaq, bichhdna naseeb tha, Wo utni hi door gaya aaj, jitna kabhi kareeb tha



  8. @Sanjukta

    Its really good ! I am not so good in writing but yes , when ever that poetic bug bites me, I try to say some things. Here is the one that I wrote few days back,
    Jo akhiri tohfa de gaye wo jate jate, Boond boond mein lut raha hai ab wo bhi har pal

    Some in english are over blog :-) .



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