1984 Sikh genocide was consequence of individual crime, not party ideology. Individuals will be, should be punished, justice should be done to everybody. The matter should end here. But media is motivated to ask RG questions on 1984 because they either want to appease current regime, or pressurized to do so, or paid to do so. It is media’s shameless reading of history which is stuck at 1984 that whenever they find RG answering their questions they think it is easy game to ask him about an issue that has no real ramification in present Indian politics, and in which RG neither had a role back then, nor is in a position to play any role at present. Same media has no spine to ask those people who matter today, about issues that matter today.

Both Ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former Congress President Sonia Gandhi have addressed the issue and apologized. Rahul Gandhi himself have accepted that some Congress people were involved in the genocide. But to say congress memeber was involved, and Congress orchestrated the crime is not the same thing and that’s why today these questions are to be seen with suspicion.

I suspect the motivations behind the question chasing Rahul Gandhi, it was asked from him twice at two different venues. He said something, something else was heard and interpreted and since past 3 days, the issue is taking all the place in media. I believe that the Sikh community or non-Sikh “friends” of the community on Twitter, Print or TV who is attacking RG on 1984 is either closeted Sanghi with political motivations or foolish. For otherwise, they have no reason to fear INC because unlike BJP RSS, INC didn’t come into existence with a purpose to hate Sikhs. Same with Indira Gandhi’s emergency. It is not like INC was created 130 years ago with an agenda to hold anti Sikh riots and impose emergencies. These are events done by individuals, so there is no systemic or ideological threat of these being ever repeated. Nothing in Congress’s history before or after that one incident in 1984 suggests that as a party they have some pathological hate for Sikhs the way RSS BJP have for Muslims.

I have met 1984 victims, I have organized walks with a friend in memory of the victims, that’s my personal life. But in political discourse, I think I will no longer entertain a word on the issue and neither should RG. He should just say “no comments”. Families of real victims will tell you they have moved on. They will also tell that right wing people also came from outside Delhi to add to the violence. Local Congress leaders alone couldn’t have amassed such a murderous mob. 41 FIRs were filed against then BJP members but nobody talks about them. Manmohan Singh apologized categorically, other leaders have too. MMS also initiated compensation, many victims got compensation, others will get. There are cases still pending, law takes its own course, Congress party today has no power to influence courts, got no reason to protect losers like Tytler, in fact he was recently thrown off the stage at a Cong event.

Why then does 1984 not go away and keeps coming in RG’s path? Who keeps it burning and for what purpose?

RG today has emerged as the biggest threat to BJP. The country has seen through Modi’s lies and deceit, they can also see Modi’s crassness, and the lack of knowledge, culture, values, decency, humility, humanity in his dispensation. The recent London and Germany visits have snatched the earth beneath BJP’s feet, for every speech he made, BJP held 3 press conferences picking up 2-3 seconds of what he said out of a 1.5 hours of interactions. BJP is trying to hold at straws. They will not let 1984 go away, and their paid media, threatened media, bhakt media, will not ask the powers that be questions on mob lynching, activist murders, Hindutva terror plots. Of course BJP don’t even give that respect or space to media that they will ask these questions.

Sikh or Muslim or Christian community has no idological challenge or threat from INC, because INC has no ideology that they want to impose on the whole nation. If there is a real threat that is from RSS BJP. 1984 Sikh genocide was consequence of individual crime, not party ideology. Babri masjid, Godhra, Muzzafarpur, mob lynching thousand other riots were results of Hindutva ideology, Hindu Rashtra project. This ideology have all the powers today, that’s where real fear is.

So while I am not the one to ever justify any violence or be dismissive of any communities pain and grief, in my political discourse I will not let 1984 be a reason to weaken RG’s campaign. India owes it to RG for upping his fight against RSS. Congress in 67 years didn’t do a thing to control this fascist ideology, RG couldn’t do either until he was the party President. Today, he has taken the 3 years jail risk in a criminal defamation suit filed by RSS, but through the case he will prove it that RSS is the real source of hate and terror in the nation. India needs RG to get rid of RSS and that’s why my complete faith and allegiance to him.