Jeremy Renner and Brie Larson, both stars from the Marvels Avengers franchise, will exec produce their own new unscripted series on Disney Plus soon. “Disney+ has ordered two non-scripted series exec produced by the Avengers: Endgame stars. Larson is exec producing Growing Up, a series about adolescence, while Renner is behind Rennervations,” reported Deadline.

Rennervations is an original four-part series that embraces Jeremy’s lifelong passion for giving back to communities around the world by reimagining unique purpose-built vehicles to meet a community’s needs. Behind the big screen, Jeremy is a construction aficionado. He is heavily invested in the highly creative fabricator culture that exists across the globe and hopes to change lives with these skills and inspire others to do the same.”

I first got the news on Twitter and to my utter shock and horror I found out that countless Twitter handles could offer nothing else but hate for Jeremy Renner on the announcement.

Check out the replies on this Tweet for example:

Then there is this guy who made some joke about it and got 18k Likes. Seems to be an anonymous troll apparently one of those who ruined Jeremy Renner’s app by trolling.

From various reports it appears Rennervations will feature Jeremy Renner’s twenty years of journey in the house flipping business, his passion for repurposing or restoring old vehicles as well as houses, his 200 vehicle collection at his power ranch in Nevada, and his ideas about affordable housing for marginalized community. He does not only collect vehicles like all other stars do but also fixes them himself with his own hands. In his house renovations work also he does everything hands on including pulling down walls and redoing them as we saw in his Celebrity IOU episode.

The houses Jeremy Renner renovates are costly legacy houses belonging to the British colonial time or Greek houses and so on.

The Avengers star has been diving into the world of real estate for the past decade, flipping more than 15 homes in L.A. His latest investment includes a mansion he bought at auction for $7 million. After renovations, the two-acre home is now being sold for nearly $25 million.

Stephanie Chan, The Hollywood Reporter, January 24, 2013.

But more recently he started collecting old fire trucks, utility vehicles, vans, buses and even ambulances and started restoring them and repurposed them into affordable housing, mobile party vans. He also have been volunteering as a fire-fighter and about 30 of these old vehicles have been restored by him as fire-trucks. “He admits he has lots of training still to do. But if a forest fire breaks out near his Nevada home, he says he has around 30 operational trucks to lend his firefighting friends,” reported Henry Cesari for Motor Bisquit.

Elena Gorgan writes on Auto Evolution, “In his hands, ambulances become mobile veterinary clinics, while old city buses are upgraded to tiny homes and glamping establishments, mobile barbershops, or mobile gyms. “It isn’t a horse ranch,” Renner says of his home. “It’s more of a horsepower ranch.”

Unlike most celebrities, Renner didn’t just buy these to have something to brag about over dinner with his rich friends. Instead, he bought and fixed them up himself, giving most a second lease at life. At the time, he mentioned a firetruck that had been turned into a party-mobile, complete with bounce-house, and slurpee and snow-cone machine.

Elena Gorgan, Auto Revolution, February 9, 2022.

Only Renner fans will know this but he considers house flipping and music as his first jobs, and acting secondary. And here is a troll suggesting Renner stole his idea. Why do people have so much hate?

People who hate Jeremy Renner keep copy pasting the same unproven allegations by his ex-wife which have been debunked in many ways. He has taken a drug test to disprove her. She could never so much as produce a friend as a hearsay witness let alone any solid evidence to her claim and the Court decided in favour of Renner in the custody battle. Yet, random anonymous trolls have the liberty to go around posting the defamatory content all over internet wherever they see Renner mentioned. This troll culture has ruined many lives already. It is depressing, violent, unhealthy for society. No wonder Jeremy Renner said it in many of his interviews that he hates the internet.

Another reason people seem to hate Jeremy Renner is the Jeremy Renner Mobile App. They hate the fact that he made an app in his name to stay in touch with his fans. Tons of other celebs have also done it what’s there to hate in this? Then, they hate him for having a few paid features in the app. How is that an issue, it is between his fans and him, no? And then they mock him for having to shut down the app because of the harassment caused by several trolls who infiltrated the app. He is basically a victim of troll attack, like many of us are, but hey, go ahead, hate the victim.

People also hate him for having an unconventional career. Sure, after back to back Oscar nominations in 2010 and 2011 it seemed he was the next big thing in Hollywood but he didn’t skyrocket the way we mostly imagine. His career is not like a rocket shooting into the sky or a high speed train on a track. It is like a collection of fascinating boats and ships sailing in the ocean. I know it because my career is like that. Not climbing a ladder but hopping around from one boat to another. Some of the boats are not even going anywhere and stuck. No wind in the sails.

His career path is unique and unconventional because he is selective, doesn’t give a damn about pay checks or awards or image but wants to do good work that inspires him.

Jeremy Renner is a multi-talented self-made man who came from nothing and made it big on his own talent without a degree from some elite drama or acting school or a big shot Hollywood mentor or connections or nepotism of any kind. He started with small roles and slowly carved a niche for himself, and even though he is not an A-lister like a Matt Damon or a Leonardo Di Caprio is, he is two time academy nominee, been in three of movie history’s biggest film franchises, Avengers, Bourne and Mission Impossible, in leading or co-leading role, and his name is etched in history with The Hurt Locker. Yet so many people hate him because he is not your warm and fuzzy celebrity always trying to please the camera. People who are super confident of their work and do not give a damn about peer approval are not easily loved. The society is always suspicious of them, afraid of them and jealous of them all at the same time.

I am sure Jeremy Renner does not give a damn about these haters, he does not read comments or Tweets on him, but I and countless fans like who love Jeremy Renner feel really sad with all the hate. Like one such person told me on Twitter, “Hating a celebrity in fact mostly upsets their fans, regular hard-working people, much less the celebrity in question so what’s even the point?”

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