You are the best thing that happened to modern day Bollywood and I simply Love you.

All, watch out this space I am going to write a long post dedicated to this man by the end of the day today. Meanwhile, you could revisit my review rip off posts first and second. The two being some of my most popular posts on this blog.

You might also want to read this nice piece by Lata Khubchandani, the author of Aamir’s biography, Aamir Khan an Actor and a Gentleman.  

I remember I used to throw treats to my friends on Aamir’s birthday when were in school… In this regard am still that same kid in love with Aamir. But now I admire the professional in him, the winner in him, if I have any Icon that is him.

Interestingly, I happen to have lost my virginity to a man who shares birthday with Aamir, that was just a coincidence though :P