Sanjukta Basu Live Blogging: the best in India

8th March 7.45 pm

Happy woman’s day to all my readers. A male friend said this day is to be wished only to woman. I said no, you can wish it to men too, its like independence day. Wanted to write a post on W-Day but was outside most of the time so couldn’t.

I don’t know how much and how many of my readers like reading these live blogs I write but I love writing them.

Today I am live blogging my reaction to the Filmfare Awards ceremony 2009 as I watch the recorded telecast on Sony TV. Filmfare is a necessary evil, never a fan but still I end up watching the ceremony every year. I mostly watch it keep assuring myself that my icon Aamir is so right in boycotting this award completely.

Right now Mini Mathur and Murari talking to the stars on red carpet. The show would be anchored by Imraan Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. As always a lot of humor is expected.

8 pm – Karan Johar opens the show

Karan saying why the orthodox attacked only me for Dostana. I think other films had a little bit of “Dostana” too. Take a look at Ghajini, one bare chested man powncing upon other men every now and then, Wednesday: one man calling another man again and again and asking for 4 more men, Rock On: 4 guys jumping into pool and singing songs, cmon there was a bit of Dostana in all films. I think Karan is really contributing his share in the LGBT movement. He is doing what he can remaining within the confines of a very cliched film industry.

First act, Farhan Akhtar – singing Rock On songs. Sounding exactly like he sounded in th film. Good that he aint lip syncing.

8.16 – Technical Awards

Best visual effects – Love Story 2050, Best Choreography – Jaane Tu, best fights – Ghajini, best art direction – Oye lucky lucky oye.

For me only mentionable award from the above list is best art direction because the winners are women, 2 girls together did the art direction.

Upnext we have the youngest hosts ever, Ranbir and Imraan. Both just took an oath they’ll only say bad things today. No mean and rude comments on anybody.

8.20 pm – Imraan says I am the future of the industry. Ranbir – I thought Harman Baweja is the future. Imraan – No no, he is ‘in the’ future. Some funny anecdotes as Ranbir and Imraan fight over who is the future of the industry: Imraan said, my family been always getting awards, ranbir – so what my family is at least coming to receive awards (the dig is at Aamir khan who doesn’t ever come to take awards). Imaraan to Ranbir – Arre you said sorry to 3 girls in your film Bachna aye Haseeno. Ranbir – You didn’t say sorry to anybody after Kidnap. I am the future.

At this point enters a Palki and announcement happens mallikaye husn padhar rahe hai (beauty queen is coming) both murmer, must be Mallika Sehrawat, no no Malaika Arora. Konkona Sen comes out of the Paalki and tell these guys she will decide who is the future, and then she brings on stage Darsheel (Taare Zameen Par) and says he is the future of our industry. Nice.

8.36 pm – 2nd set of awards start –

best sound design – Rock on; best cinematography – Rock On; Best costume – Oye Lucky Lucky Oye – those 2 gilrs. Can’t follow their names I’ll google later and put it here; Best background score – A R Rahmaan, he gets a standing ovation. Once again there were only 2 girls in this entire set of recipient.

8.45 pm – Next act is Bipasha Basu. People say she can’t dance, but to me she is at least doing a better performance than many I see every year, at least her expression are very natural. Some tiems you can look at their faces and almost can see that they are counting their steps in the mind. She is not doing that.

8.50 pm – Up next on stage Konkona Sen and Deepika Padukone. I have never seen a female duo as hosts. They gave a list of all the stars who have been recently facilitated by Governemnt of various countries.

best female debut – nominations: Adah – , Anushka – RDBDJ, Asin – Ghajini, Mugdha – Fashion, Prachi Desai – Rock On, Sonal Chauhan – Jannat, and the winner is Asin of course. Makes sense.

best debutant male – nominations: Anurag – Black and White, Farhan – Rock on, Harman – Love story 2050, Imraan Khan – JNYJN, Nikhil, Rajeev – Aamir, Sikander Kher for Woodstock Villa — Damn it how many nominations… and there are two winners Imraan and Farhan. Ya coz they couldn’t decide who to make unhappy. After all many years ago they ignored Imraan Uncle Aamir and are still repenting.

In his acceptance speech Farhan said he had actually got his award from Salim Uncle (Salim Khan father of Salman Khan, Salim and Farhan’s dad Jaaved Akhtar were a writer’s duo who wrote the greatest bollywood flick ever Sholay Deewar etc.) Apparently Salim Khan liked Farhan’s acting in Rock On so much that he called him home and gave away one of his awards.

Imraan gave thanks to many people but most importantly to Aamir maamu (Aamir Khan), obviously, without Aamir where would such an ordinary film and ordinary guy go. I found that film so boring JTYJN.

9.20 – Up next is the next act – Shahid Kapur, this guy is a terrific dancer. He used to be Shiamak’s student but why is he looking to horrible, and whats with the long hair.

Shahid’s performance was boring. Best performer ever in any award ceremony in India is Akshay Kumar. He is just mind blowing. The problem with these song and dance is that we anyway see these in the film, why don’t do something different in the stage. If we just had to see the dance won’t we rather watch the film.

9.28 – Karan is back on stage. He is my favourite show host. Farhan joins him too, probably second best.

9.40 – Best playback singer female – very interesting nominations, it would be a difficult to make the judgment. Ok I like the decision, its Shreya Ghoshal for the song Teri Ore from Singh is King. She thanked Katrina and Akki amongst other people.

Farhan – Rock On, Kay Kay – Khuda jaane, zarra sa apna le bana, JNTYJN, Sukhbinder – Hole hole,

Oh it must go to Farhan. Oh no it went to Sukhbinder. Cmon, I am unhappy. We all know Sukhbinder is great but this year belonged to Farhan. By the way anybody noticed how every time JNYJN is being nominated for anything we don’t get to see the film’s clips, thats because Aamir never sends them to the Filmfare. Aamir even told them to not ever take his name in their magazine. How angry is he.

Sukhbinder didn’t thank anybody just made a request to the filmfare to be given a chance to perform next year. Awe how sweet, poor thing, these people never get their dues. But they can’t afford to kick FF like Aamir did.

Best lyrics – Jaaved Akhtar ok makes sense.

Best Music – AR Rahman. WTF why is Asha Bhosle singing songs while giving away the award, how embarrassing.

9.47 – Another boring performance, this one by Katrina Kaif.

It was indeed very boring.

10 pm – we have the best story award. Abhishek Kapoor for Rock On. the other nominees were Tahan, A Wednesday, Hero (wtf?) etc. Not a single of the nominations actually had a story. How ridiculous.

Best screenplay – Mumbai Meri Jaan. Ok I haven’t seen the film so can’t say. But heard its good.

Best Dialogue has difficult nominations – You have Jodha Akbar, oye lucky lucky oye amongst others. Both has great dialogues but my persoanl favourite is OLLO. We have had many films where urdu / mughal lingo has been used but the typical delhi lingo, rustic lines straight from an ordinary delhi middle class home in OLLO is just incredible. Lines like, “main tujhe hoat (hot) nahi lagti.”

Ok Great decision. It is indeed OLLO for Best Dialog.

10.30 pm – Best male and female supporting actors awards went to Arjun Rampal for Rock On and Kangana Ranaut for Fashion. I am happy with both the awards. Though I wish Sahana Goswami of Rock On could have got some kind of recognition, she was terrific in the role of Debbie. Ohter nominations werre also tough competition, Ratna Pathak Shah, Bipasha to name a few. Kangana of course was out of the world on the Fashion Ramp. Her charecter was there in every bit of her body her eyes face.

Kangana thanked her sister Rangoli amongst other people for being there with her in everything. Her voice choked and eyes were moist. She looked very simple yet elegant. Her spoken English has improved.

Arjun Rampal deserved this because he is a sincere man and he has worked very hard to be here. He is the living example of the phrase, try try try till you succeed, never say die. Abhishek Bachhan looked very happy as he clapped for Arjun, why won’t he, he is an aquarian after all, he would be the last person to be jealous or have negative feelings.

As always Arjun thanked his family which is his wife Meher, Meher was overwhelmed.

Life time achievement award give to Oscar winning costume designer Bhanu Athaiya. She introduced India to Oscars. This is the first time a technical person gets this award I think. She has designed costumes for Wahida Rahman in Guide to Lagaan to Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi.

10.43 pm – The jury award also called Critic Awards

Best film is Mumbai meri jaan. Best Actor – Manjot Singh – the kid who played young lucky in OLLO. This is unbelievable, well done FF Jury, such a great encouragement to young talent.

10.48 pm – OMG just a while ago I was thinking Sahan should have got some recognition and now they gave her the best actress award critics choice. I am soooooo impressed by FF Jury.

10.50 pm – Man the surprises and the good deed by FF Jury don’t end there. They gave a special mention to two actors whose work was so great that they cannot be ignored yet they couldn’t make it to the mainstream categories because there were better performers. They are Prateik Babbar from JNYJN and Purab Kohli for Rock On.

Filmfare managed to surprise me with such thoughtful and deserving decisions. I didn’t expect this, they have surely matured and realized what was missing from this oldest award most respected award ceremony in India, quality sans the glamour and glitz. And now they have it.

11.00 – now the quintenessential SRK on stage. Filmfare can’t do without SRK. He would throw in some smart ass lines. But he is funny gotta admit that, annoying but funny.

SRK called all the children from Slumdog Millionaire on stage and spoke to each one of them. Really so many young talent, the kids from Taare Zameen Par, Manjot Singh of OLLO, these real slum kids in Slumdog…but again I worry what would there fate be when its all over.

11.15 pm Next act Abhishek Bacchan performing. Nothing great about the performance but he is always so full of energy, life, smile, positivity it feels good to see him. You know why, coz he is an aquarian of course, and his dad is a Libran, what a great father son combo.

11.28 pm – Now the last segment of the awards. Best actor, actress and film.

Best actress goes to Priyanka Chopra for Fashion. Am surprised, thought it would be Mrs. Bacchan would get it for Jodha Akbar. Others in nomination were Asin for Ghajini. Not sure how to react to it coz none are my favourite. John and Tabu on stage to give the award. Tabu looks pretty mad at something, in another awards show I saw her being pissed, why is she always pissed?

Best Actor award is quite predictable. Aamir can’t get it because he won’t take it. SRK can’t get it coz if one more time they give it to SRK for yet another stupid movie, they’ll kick FF’s butt, Akki’s Singh is King was a flop and moreover it wasn’t his best, Naseer can’t get it because the role in A Wednesday was too small and it wasn’t even a mainstream film, so Hrithik is the obvious choice.

Finally, the best Director – Ashutosh Gowarikar for Jodha Akbar which is also the Best film of the year.

Filmfare 2009 Highlights

Well thats it. It was a good show. Lots of quality awards and well deserved recognition to non mainstream films like OLLO and A Wednesday, recognition and encouragement to young talents like Sahana Goswami, Prateik Babbar were the highlight of this year’s awards. Aishwariya Rai Bacchan loooked the most stunning tonight in that entire crowd. As per my observation Ranbir Kapoor would make it bigger in the long run compared to Imraan Khan. Ranbir has the typical Bollywood hero look and his Hindi is very good, Imraan can’t speak Hindi one bit. And he isn’t spontaneous