[Part of the Manoshi’s story thread]

Moving on is easy, there is so much work to do. You remain so preoccupied you don’t even have the time to think about anybody or anything. Manoshi certainly had moved on. It was almost a year since he last called. Before leaving Manoshi insisted he returns her book of Oscar Wilde, the one he borrowed long back. She had said with sweet anger, “Dekho, please return my book. I am quite certain we are never going to meet again and then years later I would sing that stupid song ‘mera kuch samaan tumhare paas para hai‘.

Prithvi smiled and said, “Aisa karo, tum pehele gaake sunao. Sing it for me right now.”

Manoshi got damn annoyed, “This is not the time to flirt. You are not leaving any options open for me to get in touch with you. How am I supposed to know when are you back? That’s one of my favorite book…”

“Forget the book, and forget me” Prithvi had said calmly leaving no more space for Manoshi, in the conversation and perhaps in his life.

Suddenly, today on this beautiful sunny breezy morning, he is back after several months of disappearance. They both seemed happy to see each other. He ordered for his favorite coffee and cheese toast for both of them. She was on Facebook via her new Samsung Galaxy Tab.

“New fancy gadget for Twitter eh?” teased Prithvi. He had never understood Manoshi’s obsession to stay connected on her social networks.

Manoshi kept away her tab and turned towards Prithvi, she was feeling very vulnerable, she wanted to hold Prithvi. She smiled and came closer, nudged his shoulder with her head and then swiftly planted a kiss on his left cheek.

He turned a stern face towards her, “What?” He asked.

“Can we go home and have a drink, please? I have to show you something I’ve been working on at home.” Manoshi asked like a baby asks for a box of chocolates.

He didn’t reply but rose from the sofa attempting to leave. Manoshi held his hands and said, “Where are you going? Don’t go, I promise I won’t insist.”

“Well I was going to clear the bill, so that we could go home, but if you don’t want to…” Prithvi teased again and smiled.

Manoshi blushed. She let go of his hand. As he walked towards the cash counter, she gathered her gadgets, car keys and purse, and waited for him. He took a bit too long to be back, meanwhile she dozed off leaning back on the sofa.

When she woke up, she was alone in her bed. There was no sunny breezy day, no Prithvi. The night was still as dark and her dream was still as painful as ever. A terrible realization that quite contrary to what she thought, she has not moved on. Not even a bit. A realization that whatever she thinks, feels during the day in her conscious state is in complete conflict with her subconscious which only gets revealed via her dreams. She felt helpless for her soul, which speaks to her in her dreams and tells her where it hurts and what it still hopes for, because she knows it is not in her hand to find answers for her eternally longing soul. She knows that he would never know. He would NEVER care.

“Why don’t you just die soul. I have, why don’t you?” Manoshi asked her longing soul.