The design printed on the t-shirts

A lot has been happening in life, but not much writing is happening.

This December Snig turned a new leaf on her life book. So did I. Our destinies are somewhere connected it seems. Even though I keep reminding myself am an atheist, when I think of the way I came down to Bangalore, met the friends here, vinu, vinayak, snigdha and vinayak’s relationship and now marriage, I can’t help thinking we are all connected in some way somewhere.

I am very happy for Snig and Vince, honestly, I have never been happy this way before when our other friend’s got married. I mean I was happy they were getting married, but then so does everybody else, what is the big deal. But this time it was different. This wedding was special, may be because of my close involvement in their lives, or may be because of the way Snig said, “this is your show, you guys manage it, I want it to be a fun event, not another boring traditional wedding.”

We tried to make it fun. A five point plan we had,

  1. A wooden Mandir (Main gift)
  2. Wedding Cake (2nd main gift)
  3. Hand picked Music (to make the occassion fun filled)
  4. Arm Bands / Bandannas which would read “Rescue Team: Ask for help”
  5. Special T Shirts with couple’s photos on it, our messages etc. for Vince and Snig (a replacement for greeting card)

Point 2 and 4 couldn’t be followed for various political reasons :D The T shirts came out great, the pic you see here was printed on it. But most fun filled thing was the hand picked music me and Supriy played. The Arya Samaj pandit ji didn’t let us play any music while the ceremony was ongoing. Like a total rock star he captured the stage and all the attention, captured our microphone, said, “No body talks eats or drinks anything during the ceremony, no music either. Consider this as a class room, the bride and groom are students here to take lessons on how to lead a happy married life. Unlike other types, we at a Arya Samaj wedding, explain every mantra the couple would chant.”

Thanks to explanation of the mantras I realised how patriarchal these mantras are and was once again convinced, if am ever getting married am not chanting any of these mantras. Two signatures and one reception and we’ll be done with it.

Coming back, after the ceremony was over pandit ji kindly handed over the mic to us and we started our DJing. Each song was played with an introduction, a reason why we playing, or how it fits into a situation in the couple’s life.

“First up we have a song for the first time Snig and Vinayak met, I wouldn’t explain the situation much but please pay attention to the lyrics.” I announced. What was not made explicit here was the fact that they had met at this silly bar Guru Garden where me and snig were drunk like hell.

The song was, “Jaane kya pilaya tune, bada maza aaya” from Raja Jani. Translated to english: “What is it that you made me drink, it feels rocking.”

Since all their love blossomed in the Allapey and Pondicherry beaches, we had this song from Pukar, “Samandar mein naha ke, aur bhi namkeen ho gayi ho” (babe, you are more salty now after the sea water bath)

Supriy played the song he thought was going on Vinayak’s mind post ceremony, “Jaane kya hoga rama re, Jaane kya hoga maula re” (God knows what’s next) from Kaante.

Song dedications from the other bachelors of the night, “Phatela Jeb sil jaayega, jo chahega mil jaayega, tere bhi din aayenge chote accha khasa hil jaayega” (Your worn out life would be sown, you’ll get what you want, dude your day would come too and then you would rock) from Aankhen.

A special song dedication from me to Snig, “Hum the woh thi” from Kishore’s Chalti ka Naam Gaadi. The special lines in the song, which I personally sang loudly to her, were, “O mannu tera hua ab mera kya hoga” (Oh dear, yours life is set, now what will happen to me)

A song for Vinayak for all the crazy things snig does when they go travelling or generally on the streets, “Arre yaar mere tum bhi ho gazhab, ghunghat to zara orom aha maano kaha ab tum ho jawan meri jaan ladhak pan choro” (sweetheart, you are weird, take a veil will you, listen to me please, you are young and famous, my love don’t kid) from Dev Anand’s Teen Deviya.

It was fun to see people enjoying the songs, Everybody burst into laughing as each song started, they’ll eagerly wait for it to start after the introduction has been given. Vince’s Photographer friends from BWS couldn’t resist singing the some of the lines in chorus.

Once we were done playing the hand picked songs, we took some request also, in true DJ style :) I am thinking we’ll make a CD and give it to them for keep.